Banning Children's Mobile Phone Use: Addressing Smartphone Addiction: Yaftmal Village bans mobile phones for minors

Banning Children’s Mobile Phone Use: Addressing Smartphone Addiction: Yaftmal Village bans mobile phones for minors

Cell phones have revolutionized our lives to the point where we can hardly think of spending a few hours of our day without them. Thanks to these amazing tools, you are not only connected to the whole world, you can multitask with ease – something that would have seemed unbelievable just a few decades ago. But technology is a double-edged sword, and its overuse can cause serious damage. And in modern times, smartphone addiction has emerged as a huge problem, especially among young children.

Now, a village in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra state has taken an extreme step to tackle children’s addiction to mobile devices. Gram Sabha from Bansi, a village in Posad Tehsil in Yavatmal District, unanimously adopted on November 11 a resolution banning mobile phone use among children and adolescents under the age of 18. Sabha also decided to issue a fine of 200 rupees from violators of this rule, according to TOI.

Sarpanch of Pansi village, Gajanan Tel, told TOI that children were allowed to use mobile phones during the COVID pandemic as they had to take online classes. But gradually, the teens became addicted to it, which not only affected their studies but also led to the use of unwanted apps.

“We were aware of this and therefore brought forward a resolution in the Gram Sabha held on November 11 which passed unanimously,” said Gram Panchayat Secretary B R Adi. He said that children below the age of 18 will not be allowed to use mobile phones and if anyone is found with a mobile phone, they will be fined Rs 200. The villagers welcome the ban on mobile devices, and believe it will instill good habits among the students.

Villagers Nitin Danj, Ashish Deshmukh and others welcomed the decision, saying it would give children enough time to focus on their studies.

“It is an excellent step to inculcate good habits among the students,” Ashish, a student under the age of 18, told TOI.

Meanwhile, parents were also happy with the decision and said that they will be vigilant about their children and will ensure that they do not use mobile phones. This may be the first village in the state to make such a decision to ban cell phones.

Residents of nearby villages also applauded the decision, saying that the increasing use of mobile phones is pushing teenagers to commit crimes as well. They said cell phones also undermine human relationships.

A couple of months ago, another village in Sangli district, Maharashtra state, made a similar decision for a digital detox. A siren sounds at 7pm every night in Mohitanchi Fadgaon to signal people to put aside their phones and other electronic devices for 1.5 hours, according to PTI.

Every day, a local temple siren sounds at 7 pm, signaling people to turn off their mobile phones and other gadgets, turn off their televisions, etc. to indulge in reading books, studying and talking to each other, while the second alarm signals at 8.30 pm to the end of the detox period.

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