AutoMatters and more: Go ahead with the new Catalyst iPhone 14 Impact Case from GM +

AutoMatters and more: Go ahead with the new Catalyst iPhone 14 Impact Case from GM +

Book review: “Shipping in the Future: General Motors, Mary Barra, and the Reinventing of an American Icon” by David Welch (Bloomberg News Detroit bureau chief):

This book provides an “inside account of Mary Barra’s historic quest to turn General Motors into an electric car maker,” making “electric vehicles at a cost comparable to gasoline-burning models.”

America and the world “need to transition into a new era of clean energy and environmentally sustainable transportation,” however, General Motors is 112 years old, and electrification is a massive change of direction. “GM’s attempt to catch Tesla and bring electric cars to the masses” (not just for luxury car buyers) is “as important as it is exciting.”

Mary Barra—the auto industry’s first female CEO—was chosen by GM executives in 2014. Her challenge is to reinvent General Motors from a company known for its long and storied history of gasoline-powered Corvettes, Cadillac Escalade SUVs, and trucks. Small Chevrolet Silverado and much more, to a massive collection of exciting new all-electric vehicles that is constantly expanding. Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2021, a new, all-electric Silverado is expected to offer up to 400 miles of range and eventually the ability to tow up to 20,000 pounds!

In this book, you’ll read “first-person accounts as Barra conducts global GM operations, cuts and sells businesses” (to help fund new GM) “as she made plans to go fully electric by 2035,” “the inside story about her battle with the president.” ex-Donald Trump and the union that sprang up after its plan to turn down factories in the heart of America”, and “Barra’s own views on what it takes to transform a company that has been in decline for decades and how she is trying to make the company a tech leader again.”

Both the paperback and the advanced paperback versions have been submitted for review. The cartoon-covered version updates the epilogue, and takes us well into 2022. It discusses growth, not downsizing; the need for more charging stations; Summon Bolt Battery Fires; GM’s new, versatile Ultium battery platform; Autonomous vehicle technology and the company’s advantage over its competitors – it already has many years of experience in the production of electric vehicles, including EV1, Volt and Bolt. Honda believes in the Ultium battery platform, and is partnering “with General Motors to use the technology in its electric vehicles.”

Catalyst iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Impact MagSafe:

Catalyst iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Affect MagSafe
(there is no phone)

(Jean Wagner)

Catalyst has always been a pioneer in phone cases. My previous iPhone (12 Pro Max) was kept safe, secure and easily accessible in the case of Catalyst, so when I recently ordered a new iPhone 14 Pro Max, checking what Catalyst had to offer this phone didn’t make sense.

With that in mind, Catalyst sent me the new, feature-packed and innovative MagSafe Influence Series case for the 2022 iPhone 14 Pro Max for my review.

Engineered for the ultimate audio experience, its unique “Front Audio” is engineered for up to 30% (100.5dB) louder sound and engineered to reduce background noise. The patented mute switch can be rotated easily.

Catalyst iPhone 14 Pro Max Influence MagSafe Case (in front of the box, with the phone)

Catalyst iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Affect MagSafe
(in front of the box, with the phone)

(Jean Wagner)

Despite its ultra-slim design, this case is designed to withstand a drop 2.5 times higher than military standard (MIL-STD-810G: 3m/10ft), and its raised bezel protects the phone’s screen. Its grip is designed to be slip-resistant.

Since I lost the audio recorder once when I accidentally left it near the podium somewhere, after recording audio at a post-event press conference, I’ve been using my iPhones instead to record interviews and audio at events. In order to keep my hands free, and yet make sure I don’t leave my phone somewhere, when recording audio I use the adjustable wrist loop on the Catalyst bag lanyard (tested up to 10kg) to attach the phone to the metal grommet on the ‘Cotton Carrier’ camera jacket my backpack or backpack. This rope is an indispensable feature, it can be quickly and securely installed in any corner of the case.

Catalyst iPhone 14 Pro Max Influence MagSafe Case (Back of the Case, with Phone)

Catalyst iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Affect MagSafe
(Back of the box, with a phone)

(Jean Wagner)

I chose the MagSafe version of this case because, with its built-in magnet unit, it offers the ability to magnetically attach an external battery to the case, for extra iPhone uptime.

For the full range of Catalyst’s multiple award-winning products, visit:

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