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ASUS ROG Phone 6 smartphone: Batman Edition review

Mobile gaming has gotten exponentially better in recent years. With more people playing exciting games like fortnite And the Jinshin effectIt makes sense to invest in a gaming phone. This is the scene in which ASUS is looking to bring the ROG Phone 6 into. Offering incredible speeds, a solid build, and some of the most impressive specs you can currently find, ROG Phone 6 is a smartphone built for gaming, even if you need to make some slight compromises in the process.

I’m glad ASUS decided to keep it simple and focus on core strengths rather than chasing fancy new ideals for this iteration of the ROG Phone 6. You won’t find any foldable items, or slide-out keyboards here: ROG Phone 6 is built for the game, and it does in a manner.

While there are many more subdued offerings in the ROG Phone 6 range, we were lucky enough to try Batman Edition It delivers the power of a gaming phone in a unique and eye-catching way. At first glance, you’d be forgiven for missing out on how much ASUS did to make the Batman Edition of ROG Phone 6 something truly unique.

“ROG Phone 6 is built for game, and it does so in style.”

Looking at the device, you will find hidden Batman marks on the back of the phone. These small details keep the ROG Phone 6 looking sleek and modern while leaving a small hint of your love for DC Comics’ Capped Crusader. Things get even more interesting when you look at the included box. ASUS has provided a cool geometric-looking Batman logo on the back, with a laser-engraved image of The Dark Knight himself on the inside of the case. The case also offers slots to see the Batman branding on the back of the device, making it an incredibly modern and unique phone for fans.

Once you look beyond the phone’s Batman design elements, the style of the ROG Phone 6 smartphone is understated, with a simple array of triple cameras and an LED flash on the back, a single camera on the front at the top of the screen, plus a storage unit. Power button and press on the right side of the phone. As a gaming smartphone, ROG Phone 6 also features a 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom of the phone right next to the USB-C port, with a second USB-C power also on the left side that’s designed to be used with ROG phone accessories .

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Weighing in at 240 grams, the ROG Phone 6 is one of the heaviest smartphones we’ve tested. By contrast, the OnePlus 10T is 40g lighter at just 203.5g, and this phone was by no means lighter. Despite the weight, the ROG Phone 6 is able to sit at just 10.3mm at its thickest point, and features beautiful curves, a gorgeous AMOLED display, and ergonomic side buttons that make it feel elegant and elegant in the hand.

“The ROG Phone 6 smartphone is a great offering that takes lessons from previous devices to deliver a powerful gaming experience.”

Looking at the front of the device, the ROG Phone 6 is inspired by its predecessor, with a very similar overall design. However, upon closer inspection, there’s an upgrade under the hood: ROG Phone 6 can run at an amazing 165Hz refresh rate – some of the highest you can find in a smartphone.

The fast refresh rate of the AMOLED screen makes it great for modern gaming, but the 720Hz touch sampling rate makes it one of the most responsive phones we’ve ever tested. Typing, scrolling through sites or feeds, and even games feel incredibly responsive, ensuring that the quick view is never lost if you’re someone who likes to use the on-screen controls while gaming.

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Since it’s not the sharpest phone on the market with its 2448 x 1080 resolution screen and 800 nits max brightness, ASUS has made everything look unified in its design. The screen displays pop and exciting colors that make gaming look great, and the flat glass screen never feels uncomfortable. Many manufacturers are looking to explore how to make screens as curved as possible, and while this works with a standard flagship smartphone, it makes the touch screen more difficult to use.

When looking for a gaming phone, the camera can be a hit, and thankfully ASUS has paid enough attention to this area to make it serviceable. The main camera featured on the ROG Phone 6 is a 50MP sensor (Sony IMX766) with an f/1.9 lens, along with a 13MP ultra-wide camera and a 5MP macro camera to complement things and give more shooting options.

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ASUS also features 8K video recording at up to 24fps, and 120fps for capturing 4K photos from the main camera, so it’s one of the best smartphones to offer video performance. Sure, things are going to be missing, especially compared to phones like the iPhone 14 or Xiaomi 12T Pro, but for something that will work in question, the ROG Phone 6 has to be covered.

Looking at the image quality, the ROG Phone 6 exceeded my expectations, but still fell short of some of the newer phones on the market. The images were crisp and vibrant, but lacked a lot of contrast or color to make them stand out. The main camera offers shots with enough detail that your social media doesn’t get thirsty for photos of your exploits, but low light and photos from secondary cameras leave a lot to be desired.

While the camera may not blow the competition out of the water, the gaming performance will. ROG Phone 6 is a phone built for gaming, and it does it with flair and style. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, our version we tested featured 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. There’s also an 18GB storage model with 512GB of RAM which should give you more power, should you need that extra punch.

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With all that power under the hood, you might think the ROG Phone 6 smartphone would turn out to be fun, but ASUS took the time to deliver good temperatures along with increased power and performance. Also, the SoC isn’t on the edge of the phone this time around, it’s now resting near the center of the device. This not only keeps the phone cool under load, but it’s just a smart choice for a phone designed to push the pixels. There is also an option to set the smartphone to only use the charger to keep the phone alive, which means you don’t need to worry about heating up when you need to power things up while gaming.

All this power leads to a great gaming experience. While the screen size can be a bit odd for non-optimized games, most modern games like Jinshin effect, or wild rift It looks very cool on the screen. The 165Hz AMOLED display brings gaming to life, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor ensures you’ll never have to worry about not having the ability to play the latest and greatest games in anything beyond the best possible experience.

With speakers on either side of the screen, ROG Phone 6 is loud enough to drown out the outside world, although it doesn’t quite beat the powerful, clear sound you can find on the latest iPhones or some Xiaomi devices. suppression. I also like that ASUS has paid attention to how the speakers are positioned, and they never get in the way, even when playing with the touchscreen.

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In terms of benchmarks, the ROG Phone 6 is an all-around champ, beating just about every other mobile device we tested in the CGMagzine offices. This includes everything from storage read/write speeds, to graphics performance, to general user interface responsiveness, to multitasking, battery drain, you name it, the ROG Phone 6 manages to crush the competition.

Speaking of power, the ASUS ROG Phone 6 smartphone is powered by a massive 6000mAh battery, which is bigger than 4500-5000mAh for flagship phones with a bigger screen. While the ROG Phone 6 doesn’t have a wireless charging feature, it can power up quickly with a maximum charging capacity of 65W, giving it enough power to go from 0-100 percent in about 45 minutes.

How long that massive battery lasts is due to what you do with the ROG Phone 6, but in our tests, you could easily manage 16 hours of screen time, with that down if you decide to ramp up your gaming on your vacation time. . There’s also an option to push the phone to the limit by turning on the high-performance X mode, but even with all the potential drains, the ROG Phone 6 delivered great results and should last most people for a full day with few issues.

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With the ROG range of phones, ASUS has a winning formula that delivers the best power for mobile gamers. Six phones in, and they’ve got the concept down to the science, changing just what’s needed to increase performance while providing a flagship-level mobile experience. Unfortunately, this means that there are many safe options with this iteration of the device, but as they say, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

The ROG Phone 6 smartphone is a great offering that takes lessons from previous devices to deliver a powerful gaming experience that no other phone on the market can match. There are many areas I would love to see improved, such as the camera, but the design – especially Batman Flourish – Make this a great device that still catches the eye in the best way possible.

Few phones make you regret playing games over other options, but the ROG Phone 6 does, and it does so with ease. If you’re gaming on the go and still want a phone that does just about everything, the ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition is a purchase you can’t afford to lose.

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