Apple's 3D mixed reality headset

Apple’s 3D mixed reality headset

Apple’s development of the first generation of its long-rumored augmented reality headset is nearing completion, with new hires at Apple reportedly pointing to its launch next year.

It depends Famous Apple leaker Mark Grauman from Bloombergwho reports that Apple’s next major product — a mixed reality headset — is set to arrive in 2023.

However, we must remember that the Apple headset was It is also expected to be launched in 2021And the Then again in 2022but the actual launch never materialized.

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It’s already known that Apple’s new headset “will likely be in the $2,000 to $3,000 range because it’s a high-end product that will pack a Mac-level M2 chip,” Mark Grauman reports.

It will feature more than 10 cameras placed outside and inside the device, Grumman wrote in Bloomberg, and the highest-resolution screens ever seen in a large-format headset.

He added, “We also know that the device will run a new operating system dubbed ‘Real Reality,’ which will include mixed reality versions of core Apple apps such as Messages, FaceTime, and Maps.” The first version of the operating system, codenamed Oak, is being finalized. internally and should be ready for new hardware next year.”

Grumman also hinted at the wearable’s possible name, after he reported in August that Apple was behind trademark filings for “Reality Pro” and “Reality One,” which he said suggested it was Apple choosing between those two device brands. .

Grumman noted that the “Reality” moniker makes sense given the name of the operating system and Apple’s existing AR development tools such as RealityKit.

Grumman then pointed out a few more details he’d revealed, thanks to job listings Apple has released over the past several months and changes to the team behind the future headset.

The team behind the headset is said to be called the Technology Development Group, or TDG.

“Some job listings indicate that Apple is ramping up its work to support the device with content,” Grauman noted. “The company is looking for a software producer with experience in visual effects and game asset pipelines who can create digital content for AR and VR environments.”

Metaverse competitor?

Grumman also pointed to potentially bad news for Mark Zuckerberg and company Metaverse’s ambitions are big.

Gruman said the job listings indicate that Apple is looking to build a video service for the headset that features 3D content that can be played in virtual reality.

“This will be followed by the company’s 2020 acquisition of NextVR, which has partnered with artists and professional sports leagues to bring virtual reality content to headsets,” he wrote.

Apple is also said to be looking for engineers who can work on development tools geared towards virtual reality and augmented reality.

Unsurprisingly, Gruman noted, the company seems to want its new operating system to use App Intents, which let apps work with features like Siri and Shortcuts.

We are looking for a Software Engineer who will work on the App Intents framework to help design and implement solutions to unlock deep system intelligence, enable new developer tools, and facilitate new user interactions from application data models that are leveraged by a variety of system services such as Shortcuts and Siri. and Search and more,” according to a job listing for the TDG division.

Grumman noted that the list of most interesting jobs is one that specifically calls for developing a 3D world for mixed reality, suggesting that Apple is working on a virtual environment. Similar to Metaverse — but don’t expect Apple to embrace the term. The marketing director said at a recent event that metaverse is “a word I would never use.”

This listing describes working with other developers to “create tools and frameworks to enable connected experiences in a 3D mixed reality world.”

As launch approaches, Apple has also made two key additions to the management team overseeing device development: a former senior driverless car crew leader and a senior software engineering manager.

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