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Apple Watch Ultra is like an iPhone on your wrist

The Apple Watch Ultra Waves are making waves in the consumer smartwatch industry as a rugged, tougher version of the Apple Watch is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions — but there’s another use for the premium product. It’s not quite on par with the high-end offerings from Garmin and other companies, but it’s definitely the best Apple Watch model for athletes. Apple Watch Ultra meets multiple standards for toughness, with a sturdy crown guard, titanium body, and sapphire crystal front glass.

Today display

The price and availability of the Apple Watch Ultra solidifies it as a device that many cannot buy. There is only one Watch Ultra model, and unlike other Apple Watch models, there’s no room for customization in screen size, case color or dial. The only options available are in watch straps. Each Apple Watch Ultra is made from the same silver titanium coating and comes with a cellular connection. All Apple Watch Ultra models are priced the same at $799, which makes them more expensive than the standard versions of the Apple Watch. Apple clearly thinks this product is for a certain type of person – the serious athlete or adventurer.

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But after spending practical time with Apple Watch Ultra, it becomes clear that there is another use for the machine, one that does not require it to be a triathlete or a marathoner. The same features that make a smartwatch a great tool for athletes and outdoor adventurers also make it a great smartwatch – the best Apple Watch the company has to offer. It’s the first Apple Watch that truly feels like an iPhone on the wrist, and for some users, that’s a good thing. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but the Apple Watch Ultra can be the high-powered, multifunctional smartwatch that people have been waiting for.

Big screen and long battery life

Although the Apple Watch Ultra has the same S8 chip as the Apple Watch Series 8, it looks much more functional thanks to the larger 49mm screen. It’s the largest screen ever shipped in an Apple Watch, so it’s easy to navigate. Because of the way the screen is shaped, it doesn’t show more on-screen text than the Series 8, but the user experience is still better overall.

The Apple Watch keyboard actually looks usable for the first time, making it easy to take notes, send texts, or search for a location on Maps without constant typos. A noticeable design flaw with the Apple Watch keyboard is that the delete key is located directly under the Send button, but the larger numeric keys reduce the need to delete text in the first place. With cellular connectivity, all of these features can be accessed without having to stay within range of your paired iPhone.

These features have been a staple of the Apple Watch for some time, but the short battery life of the standard models has made this type of use case challenging. The Apple Watch has offered up to 18 hours of battery life for years, but this is greatly shortened when using cellular connectivity. However, the Apple Watch Ultra has a battery that lasts 36 hours and a low power mode that can extend use to 60 hours. Critics of the Apple Watch Ultra point out that it’s a very large smartwatch, and rightly so. But it is also a very small iPhone, and this is a point that must be emphasized, considering the functions offered. Apple Watch Ultra It’s being marketed as a new option for athletes, but it’s also the best option for users looking for the wrist-mounted iPhone equivalent.

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