Apple patented a design for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with Dynamic Island while filing for a few new brands

Apple patented a design for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with Dynamic Island while filing for a few new brands

On Friday, the Hong Kong patent office granted Apple four design patents related to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. In addition, Apple applied for “Puro Pop” and “Swift Charts” from Apple Music which was presented at WWDC22.

Unlike “patent applications” that provide the public with a summary, summary, and details of an invention, design patents published worldwide are limited to providing the public with design patent numbers only. Additional design details are not provided.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max design patents

Apple received four design patents on Friday relating to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Both iPhones were granted two design patents each. One is the full design and the other one that only shows the design of a partial element, such as the front display panel.

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Here is Apple’s design patent 2220357.6M002 from the Hong Kong Patent Office. It is one of the full design patents.

2 iPhone 14 Pro with Dynamic Island HK Design patent report

Below is one form of patent granted in part by the Hong Kong Patent Office which represents patent granted 2220357.6M004. Apple has applied for design patents under Classification Locarno 14-03 that cover telecommunications equipment, wireless remote controls, and radios.

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4 Hong Kong Patent Office partially granted patent form November 11, 2022 - Apple's clear report

Boro Pop – Apple Pop Latin Music

Apple applied for the Hong Kong ‘Puro Pop’ trademark earlier this week which covers Apple Music Pop Latino. Apple has applied for its trademark under International Class 041 which covers: “entertainment services, i.e. the production and distribution of sound recordings in the field of music; entertainment services, i.e. the continuous provision of podcasts in the fields of entertainment and music; provision of information related to music; entertainment services, which is a format songs for music playlists; entertainment services, i.e. compiling and publishing music playlists; providing custom non-downloadable music playlists over the Internet and other communication networks; selecting non-downloadable music recordings to create music playlists for others and publishing their music playlists; providing a portal containing links to musical audio recordings; and to provide live entertainment, i.e. musical performances.”

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5 Introducing Apple TM in Hong Kong for Puro Pop - Latino - Apple's IP Report

The Puro Pop stylized text is covered in black only in the trademark filing as shown in the application partially below.

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6 Apple TM Introducing Puro Pop in Hong Kong - Apple's IP Report

Apple also introduced this brand in the US under serial number 97668430.

Quick Graphs

Apple has applied for trademark “Swift Charts” in the United States as partly mentioned in the application below. Swift Charts is a new flexible framework that helps developers create charts entirely in SwiftUI that look right at home on all Apple platforms. You can watch the entire WWDC22 presentation video over here.

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7. x Apple TM US Deposit for

Apple has applied for its trademark under International Class 009 which covers: “downloadable computer software for application development; downloadable computer software development tools; none of the foregoing relate to financial communications or the facilitation of financial transactions.”

apple sample

The US Patent Office defines a sample as an example of how a company uses its trademark to market with goods or services in its application. It’s what consumers see when they think of buying. Below is the sample related to “Quick Graphs”

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8. Quick Graphs - Sample Apple to USPTO November 2022

10.0X2 Tape Branding & Designs

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