Apple gets an exclusive smart door lock designed for iPhone or Apple Watch users

Apple gets an exclusive smart door lock designed for iPhone or Apple Watch users

Apple has partnered with a smart home company to create an exclusive “home key” system for iPhone and Apple Watch users who want to unlock their doors without the need for a physical key.

Level Home Inc. , a home automation technology company headquartered in Redwood City, California, has created the Level Lock+ line, a Available only on AppleAccording to a press release issued by the company on Friday, October 21st.

Apple users who own an iPhone or Apple Watch will be able to lock and unlock their homes when they hold their device near the installed Level Lock + door lock.

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Level Lock+ is compatible with Apple Wallet, a digital wallet app that stores payment cards, ID cards, vouchers, tickets, and keys. It’s also designed to work with Apple Home, a Smart home control The app that provides remote adjustments for speakers, TVs, lighting and security systems, thermostats and more.

Level Lock + exclusive from Level Home for iPhone and Apple Watch users. (Level Home, Inc/Fox News)

When Level Lock + is connected to both apps, users will get a unique Apple Home key Entering and leaving the housewhich can be quickly accessed with automatic Apple Wallet feature or double-tap.

“Our habits are more digitally intertwined than ever before,” John Martin, co-founder and CEO of Level Home said in a statement.

“Consumer behavior has evolved to depend on the technological improvements that need to be made safe access more convenient. “Level Lock+ couldn’t have come at a more perfect time – this is something iPhone or Apple Watch users can benefit from, and we see that people are willing to incorporate smart locks into their daily routine.”

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Level Home uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which is a short-range wireless technology that initiates a function between the device and the Mobilein Level Lock+ and other smart home accessories, according to the company’s press release.

The company claimed the Level Lock+ operates in “the toughest outdoor conditions” and is powered by a CR2 battery hidden in the deadbolt.

Level Home added that iPhone users have a power reserve feature that provides “up to five hours” of access to the Apple Home key when it’s on. phone battery low.

Other features Level Lock + owners will have at their fingertips include full app control of smart lockshared access with guests and settings for auto-lock and auto-unlock.

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Various home entry options are available, including the ability to enter with the touch of a finger, a keycard, or an optional level keyboard accessory.

Level Lock+ can only be found in Apple Stores in the US and is currently retailing for $329.

iPhone Xs and Apple Watch 4

The iPhone Xs (left) and Apple Watch 4 (right) were both released in September 2018. (Kirsty O’Connor/PA Images via Getty Images and Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images/Getty Images)

At least , Customers will need You have an iPhone XS with iOS 15 or later or an Apple Watch Series 4 with watchOS 8 or later turned on Level Lock +.

The global smart lock market was valued at $2.55 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to $7.13 billion by 2030, according to market research forecasts published by Confirmed Market Research, a global research and advisory firm in Lewis, Delaware.

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Verified smart lock market research forecasts as of August 2022 reported that “major players” in the smart lock market include Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. , a diversified home appliance company in Madison, Wisconsin; Onity, Inc. , a building automation and security company in Salem, Oregon; Allegion Plc, an American home security company based in Ireland; Assa Abloy AB, a Swedish home security company; and dormakaba Holding AG, a Swiss security group.

In the United States, smart lock brands popular on retail shelves in electronics stores include SimpliSafe, Nest, Yale, Lockly, August, Wyze, and eufy Security.

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