Anker Nano 3 GaN charger arrives with 30W output for iPhone 14

Anker Nano 3 GaN charger arrives with 30W output for iPhone 14

Earlier this month, Anker revealed a batch of new USB-C chargers that landed right before Apple kicks off its annual event in September. Quite close to launch for compatibility with the new iPhone 14, which lacks a charger in the box, the new Anker Nano 3 GaN adapter has arrived to give new phone owners a way to power their devices with color matchingCompact form factor.

Anker Nano 3 GaN charger arrives at 30W

Hitting the scene Days before the unveiling of the iPhone 14, Anker revealed its latest line of charging accessories. Under the heading of some plant-based Lightning cables, which we will take a practical look at in the near future, the group has also received New compressed shipping offer. The Nano 3 arrives as the latest offering from Anker, which can draw 30 watts of power.

Packed in a design that fits in the palm of your hand, Anker takes advantage of GaN . technology Its latest version. Capable of putting out 30W of power from a single USB-C port, the new offering is said to be able to outsmart Apple’s latest phones much faster than the company’s own offerings.

Aside from the actual charging technology, the design of Anker’s latest design is another big attraction that helps it stand out from the host of other options on the mark. The foldable forks are one of the most noticeable additions to the form factor, especially considering how compact the wall adapter is. It makes all the difference to throw in your bag to hold your daily carry, it’s nice and compact, and really elevates the build.

Not entirely useful, Anker also introduces some additional design into its mix of new Nano 3 chargers. Available in one of five different colours, you’ll be able to choose the model that matches the rest of your gear. there Aurora WhiteAnd the purple purpleAnd the misty blueAnd the natural greenAnd the Phantom Black Available at launch.

There is no direct relationship between the colors of the iPhone 14 and the designs of these new GaN USB-C chargers, but it appears that many of the same colors exist between the two groups. So if you’re rocking one of Apple’s new purple phones or any of the other colors, you’ll be able to get yourself a complementing accessory from Anker.

Pricing is one of the last areas in which the new Nano 3 charger stands out with Anker delivery $22.99 USD MSRP. Each of the five shows is currently available on Amazon right now. This is quite in line with what we tend to see from other well-known brands of 20W inverters.

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Anker was kind enough to send over five all-new Nano 3 chargers for me to check out. I’ve been using it scattered around my apartment for the past two weeks, with both the new iPhone 14 and other devices in my arsenal.

Out of the box, the design is very similar to the quality of Anker’s Nano Pro chargers I checked out last year, and that means Anker has continued to offer some solid offerings that, while made of plastic, don’t feel cheap by any means.

in The $23 price pointThis is an easy recommendation for new iPhone 14 owners. I adore the different colors and many shoppers are sure too, especially if you’re someone who likes to mix and match accessories to go with the hardware in your setup. Last year’s Nano Pro would still be a great alternative for those on a budget, but for others, they’ll enjoy having 30W of power with roughly the same form factor and not all that much extra cash in this new flagship found on the most affordable end of Anker’s charging.

It’s able to pack both the price and form factor of many other 20W offerings on the market but with some extra juice that makes this a suitable option for even the top of the line non-smartphone devices. Apple’s latest MacBook Air can benefit from this little charger, letting you bring a single adapter on a trip that barely takes up much space compared to an official wall charger.

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