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Android 13 is still very new, but we are already talking about Android 14

What you need to know

  • A new report highlights some of the features expected to arrive in Android 14.
  • Among the features are the predictive back gesture, satellite connectivity, and AV1 decoding support.
  • Google will likely push developer preview testing in early 2023, as we’ll find out more.

Android 13 is still very new, the firmware is only available on Pixels and select OPPO/OnePlus phones while everyone else continues to test. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t start talking about Android 14, and it looks like the conversation has already started.

Mishaal Rahman, Senior Technical Editor at Esper, presented a deep diving Here are some of the possible features we can expect to see when Android 14 starts rotating. While it is not a file comprehensive deep dive in everything We will see with the update, he is confident that these features will appear in Android 14. So what can we expect?

Rahman says Google may release a predictive back signal it has been working on Android 13. Since gestures can be confusing, especially for consumers, Google hopes to fix this by minimizing the app to give users a preview of the launcher if the gesture is set to exit the app.

Predictive back gesture for Android

(Image credit: Google)

This way, users can better understand their use of the back gesture and stay away from exiting the app if that is not their intentions.

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