Android 13 is coming to Nepal soon.  Find out all the changes you will make

Android 13 is coming to Nepal soon. Find out all the changes you will make

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Android 13 Officially now. Also known as Android Tiramisu, this is the latest version of the soon-to-be-launched Android operating system for eligible smartphones. This means that the new smartphones coming to Nepal will have this system soon.

Last year’s update, Android 12 was one of the biggest Android updates to date, and the latest update, Android 13 is built on the foundation laid by its predecessor.

Android 13 focused on improvements and made minor changes to the user interface (UI). Based on Material You, which was introduced last year, the update focuses on three main things: personal, private, and off-phone.

Let’s get into the details to know more about the latest update.

1. Personal

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The personal feature allows users to customize the apps on their smartphone according to their style. With Material You, users can now customize apps by color, theme, and even language. The user can even customize the music player, which is something new and can be exciting.

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  • Android 13 also contains a file New media player This is customizable and displays the album artwork on full screen with a dancing playback bar.
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  • The user is now free to set Different language settings for individual applications.

2. Special

Privacy and security have always been an issue while using a smartphone. There are millions of apps and websites that people use every day and until users provide access to their information, they will not be able to use the app.

Last year’s update to Android made several changes to ensure that users’ data and information are as safe as possible. It also provided access to microphone, camera, approximate location and privacy dashboard allowing more control for users to limit access to their information. This year, Android 13 brought some additional security features to users.

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  • photo picker: This is an important update for users. This feature limits access to the media on the phone. Until now, different apps that users have on their phones will require access to the media in order to play it. The new update now limits access to only selected photos and videos instead of the full media on the phone.
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  • Notification Permission: This is another interesting update on Android 13. Android 12 has already reduced the impact of apps on user privacy and now the user can control which app can send the notification. Apps will now need permission from the user to send notifications. This can be a great upgrade because people use so many apps these days and get notifications from every one of them, which can be annoying.
  • Clear clipboard history: This is also a good addition to the latest update. The user will now receive an alert if any app has access to the clipboard. To prevent unwanted access, the history will also be cleared automatically after a while.
  • Other privacy updates It includes notification of bad apps that can harm the device, user password verification and alerting if their passwords match known hacked passwords, spam protection, forgotten apps check and smart device security.

3. Beyond the phone

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This feature in Android 13 focuses on connecting all devices along with features that enhance messaging, voice and multitasking experiences. Beyond the phone means that users are now not limited to their smartphones and can continue their tasks on other devices as well.

Some of the interesting features under this are:

  • Messaging app stream: This feature allows the user to send and receive messages even when the phone is out of reach by streaming messaging apps directly to the Chromebook.
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  • Copy and paste across devices: This is a feature that will soon be available for devices that support Android 13. It allows users to copy contents such as URLs, texts, or even images from one device and paste them on another.
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  • improved voice: Android 13 provides spatial audio, which allows the user to enjoy sound from every direction. It also adopts Bluetooth Low Energy audio which is said to improve sound quality and allow users to stream media to multiple people simultaneously.
  • Multitasking on tablets: The taskbar has been updated to the latest version of Android 13. This allows the user to do two tasks simultaneously. With this update on the panel, the user can now drop and drag any second app from the app library into split-screen view right from the taskbar.

These are some of the major updates to the latest Android 13 build. As mentioned earlier, there are no huge upgrades this time around, but there are a lot of improvements that were missing in last year’s update. These small improvements over the big changes in the past year make it even better and easier to use.

Besides, there are also a lot of various changes to Android 13 which makes the complete Android 12 revamp even better.

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