Amazon Prime Music now offers 100 million songs

Amazon Prime Music now offers 100 million songs

The major tier upgrade also includes ad-free podcasts from Wondery, The New York Times, and CNN. Inc. operates On promoting music and audio notation Stream shows for Prime subscribers, expanding access to 100 million songs from 2 million previously. This number of songs was only available on the company’s Unlimited Music plan, which starts at $9 per month. There’s a catch: Music on Prime can only be played in shuffle mode, or through playlists, some of which are tailored to users’ tastes and can be downloaded for offline listening. Unlimited subscribers can choose specific songs.

The expansion comes with stagnant growth for key members of wein July Report From Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, a Chicago company that tracks prime members through consumer surveys. Amazon raised the price of its annual membership by $20 in February and had about 172 million members as of June 30, the same number it had six months earlier, according to the report. Amazon Prime It costs $15 per month and includes free shipping and access to the company’s movies and TV shows.

Steve Bohm, Vice President of amazon musiche said the service was a “wonderful benefit” for Prime subscribers when it was first launched.

“Customer expectations have evolved, as always, especially music streaming He himself became the trend,” he said Bloomberg in an interview. “What we’ve consistently heard from our customers is that they really want access to all of their music.”

Boom said Prime tier is now the best place where people can access songs without paying for a separate music streaming service. The company has been “extremely successful” in converting customers to its limitless level. He said the ad-supported free tier, available to non-Prime members, has the fewest listeners.

“Obviously we are always looking to improve Prime and add value to Prime,” he said. “What we’re really trying to do is increase the number of core members to take advantage of their benefits by making them more attractive.”

A January report from Midia, a research and consulting firm, placed Amazon Music as the third most popular streaming service in the world, after spotify And the apple Music. Spotify offers a free ad-supported tier that also allows random playback only, while Apple requires a subscription for long-term use of its music service. Amazon updates may push some free Spotify users to it Transformation to Amazon Music, especially if they already subscribe to Prime.

Also as part of the Amazon update, podcast fans gain an extra perk: ad-free episodes. The company will offer its Wondery Show catalog without commercials, as well as some third-party programs including The New York Timesand Barstool Sports, NPR, CNN, and ESPN. The platform will also exclusively include new shows from Keke Palmer, YouTuber and TikTok star MrBallen, and an additional weekly episode of basketball player JJ Redick’s The Old Man and the Three. A new in-app tech feature will allow listeners to preview episodes before they commit to listening.

Jane Sargent, CEO of Wondery, said the company has sought partnerships with networks that cater to “the broadest possible selection” of offerings, because Prime’s customer is “everyone in the world.” She said the team will continue to look for more ad-free partnerships, as well as exclusive programming.

Amazon now runs four audio apps: Amazon Music, Wondery Plus, Audible, and Amp, which allow users to curate their own music shows. Baum said he doesn’t see audiobooks integrated into Amazon Music, despite rival Spotify moving into the space. The Wondery Plus app, which features ad-free podcasts and additional content, will continue to do so for discerning fans, Sargent said. Meanwhile, Apple Music raised its price last week, prompting Spotify to say it will look to do so in the US as well.

Boom said Amazon Music has previously raised prices on both its family and single-device plan, and that the team always “evaluates the right price point for our customers.”

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