Amazon Health Virtual Clinics in the US

Amazon Health Virtual Clinics in the US

Amazon will expand its healthcare capabilities in the US after introducing the Amazon Clinic – a virtual health service.

The e-commerce giant on file Advertising He said Amazon Clinic will offer “convenient and affordable care for common conditions.” Common ailments include issues such as allergies, skin diseases, etc.

This is another step by Amazon in the healthcare sector. In July, Amazon announced that it should be remembered Get San Francisco Healthcare Provider One Medical for $3.9 billion (£3.24 billion).

Amazon Clinic

The acquisition of One Medical is still in the process of being closed, but it makes clear Amazon Healthcare’s intentions.

The acquisition of One Medical could be a test for regulators and lawmakers, however, many of whom would like it to be Curb the market power of the largest technology companies.

For example, in the summer US Senator Amy Klobuchar called for the FTC to “thoroughly investigate” the deal, citing Amazon’s past investments in healthcare and the implications of the company’s access to medical data.

Amazon was a major investor in, a startup launched in 1999 and acquired by US pharmacy chain Walgreens in 2011.

Recently, Amazon It purchased the prescription delivery company PillPack in 2018before launching its Amazon Pharmacy subsidiary in 2020.

Amazon Pharmacy is now allowing customers to have their medication delivered to their door with ease — in just two days for Prime members.

Now Amazon has said that the Amazon Clinic It will operate in 32 states and provide virtual care for more than 20 common health conditions.

“Amazon Pharmacy and One Medical (once the deal is closed) are two key ways we’re working to make care more convenient and accessible,” the company said.

But Amazon said it understands that sometimes people just need a quick interaction with a doctor for a joint health issue that can be treated almost easily, and that’s where Amazon Clinic comes in.

She said Amazon Clinic will be “a message-based virtual care service that connects clients with affordable virtual care options when and how they need it — at home, after dinner, at the grocery store, or on the go — for more than 20 common health conditions, such as allergies, acne, and hair loss.” “.

vetted professionals

Amazon also said that its new healthcare store allows customers to choose from a network of leading telehealth providers based on their preferences.

She said each Amazon Clinic telehealth provider has undergone rigorous clinical quality and customer experience evaluations by Amazon’s clinical leadership team.

Amazon has admitted that virtual care isn’t right for every problem — and promised to tell customers if they think seeing a doctor in real life might be a better solution.

“For clients, the cost of consultations will vary by provider and include ongoing follow-up messages with their physician for up to two weeks after the initial consultation,” she said. Amazon Clinic does not yet accept insurance. If a prescription is part of treatment, Amazon Clinic customers may choose any pharmacy to fill it with, including Amazon Pharmacy, a full-service online Amazon pharmacy that offers 24-hour access to pharmacists and fast, free delivery of prescription medications. “.

Amazon It said It conducted its first virtual care visits to its employees in Seattle in 2019 before providing services to other employers under the Amazon Care brand, which it now plans to close by the end of this year.

Health Invasions

It should be remembered that Amazon has already made an increasing number of moves related to healthcare lately.

For example in April 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic started to spread around the world, Amazon It has built its own coronavirus testing labs to monitor the health of its employees.

Amazon also introduced Several protection measures for employees. That included Making affordable face shields to protect healthcare professionals during a pandemic.

But these measures did not prevent Nearly 20,000 Amazon employees have contracted Covid-19 As of the third quarter of 2020.

Amazon has also sought to address mental wellness.

In May 2021 Amazon Installed “Wellness” kiosks He offered videos of herself relaxing in her warehouse, as part of her response to the criticism working conditions of employees.

Amazon Wellness kiosk

The booths, which are the size of a phone booth, include a chair, a desk with a computer screen, potted plants, and lighting designed to simulate outdoor lighting.

The company said workers who enter an “AmaZen” booth, also called a “mindfulness practice room,” can choose from a range of videos including “guided meditations, positive affirmations, soothing scenes with sounds, and more.”

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