Airtel will support all 5G smartphones from mid-November;  iPhone models are still out of the list

Airtel will support all 5G smartphones from mid-November; iPhone models are still out of the list

According to a senior Bharti Airtel official, all 5G smartphones – except for Apple’s iPhones – will start supporting Airtel 5G services by the middle of this month.
Apple will release a software update in the first week of November, according to Bharti Airtel’s managing director and CEO Gopal Vittal, and all of its devices should support business 5G services by mid-December.

Airtel currently offers 5G services at 4G prices, but in the next six to nine months, the company will likely decide how much the next generation services will cost.

“Samsung…I think there are 27 models of 5G. 16 are already ready and enabled. The rest will happen by November 10-12. All 17 OnePlus models will work on our network. Vivo all 34 models, Realme all 34 models will work on our network.” Xiaomi will run all 33 models and Oppo will run all 14 models. Apple has 13 models. They will have a release (software update) in the first week of November and by mid-December they will be ready,” Vittal explained.

IDC, a market research firm, indicates that Rs.5.1 crore of 5G devices were supplied between 2020 and the first half of 2022, and that it will gain a 50% market share by 2023.

However, due to network and mobile incompatibility, a number of 5G phones were unable to use 5G services.

By March 2024, the company expects to cover every major city in India as well as important rural areas, according to Vital.

We will see a significant portion of the existing 4G data traffic move to Airtel 5G plus as network construction begins. This is important because it will allow us to gradually move more and more spectrum to 5G with the push of a button. We have also started testing the SA (standalone) mode on 5G. This mode may be appropriate for some.

To speed up the implementation of 5G services and increase its market share, Bharti Airtel may accelerate the targeted network investment from Rs 23,000 to Rs 24,000 crore annually.

Without mentioning Vodafone Idea, Vital stated, “Given the financial difficulties an industry player is going through, we believe that Airtel has a great opportunity to outpace the competition and become the undisputed most sought-after brand in India. By doing so, we intend to expand our dominance, not Especially in the postpaid market. Due to increased revenue per user, increased data usage and 4G base expansion, Bharti Airtel’s consolidated net profit for the September quarter increased by 89% YoY to Rs 2,145 crore.

In the last quarter, Airtel’s total income increased by around 22% annually to Rs.34,527 crore.

The company claimed the blame was to “deliver strong and consistent performance across the portfolio and surpass 500 million customers globally.”

Although revenue numbers are above market expectations, second-quarter net profit fell short of street expectations.

Fourth-quarter average revenue per user, or ARPU, increased from Rs 153 in Q2 FY22 to Rs 190, thanks in part to a focus on quality consumers, the move from feature phones to smartphones, and monetization data, according to Airtel.

According to Vittal, the company’s return on investment is very weak at only 8.5% and can be increased by investing in financial instruments.

“This return on capital should go up. We are not talking about huge corrections. We are already at Rs 190 ARPU. We need to see one round of correction. When this happens I am not at liberty to say. We are watching this space and see when it comes.” the time “.

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