8 of the best roguelikes on Android in 2022

Roguelike games are known for their brutal difficulties, randomly generated levels, dungeon crawling exploration, and the threat to permanently kill a character during a failed gameplay experience. High-stakes games ensure that this challenge is more rewarding once you learn how to beat it, so it’s no surprise that the roguelike sub-genre has made a name for itself across different platforms, including Android. But not all roguelike games are created equal, so we decided to break down the high-level roguelikes that are well worth your money, time, and storage space on your favorite Android gaming phone.

pixel dungeon shattered

Once a mod for Pixel Dungeon, another roguelike game, Shattered Pixel Dungeon has been turned into a standalone title. You can play as four different heroes, all of which offer unique classes/subclasses, where you will collect items, defeat monsters/bosses, and complete quests. It is a great game for introducing players to the roguelike genre as it simulates classic RPG mechanics mixed with classic roguelike elements: randomized levels, dungeon crawling, and eternal death. So if you’re looking for something more traditional, Shattered Pixel Dungeon is the perfect choice, and it’s free!


Pathos: Nethack Codex

Pathos is another excellent beginner to the roguelike sub-genre, respectfully showing what a classic tile-based roguelike experience is. Pathos: Nethack Codex is based on the 1987 game Nethack, where you’ll create a custom class and descend into a dungeon to see how long you can survive – the only difference is that you choose from 13 classes instead. Pathos: The Nethack Codex will see you loot, check traps, and carefully plan your battle encounters to ensure your survival. The best part is that the game is free with no ads.

Soul Knight

We are now heading towards the modern interpretation of roguelike games where real time mechanics such as dribbling and shooting are brought into the mix. The magic stone holds the key to global balance, and it just so happens that there are high-tech aliens who can’t get their dirty and greedy hands off this key, leaving it up to you to retrieve the lost magic stone. In Soul Knight, you will fight in randomized dungeons, recruit NPCs to fight by your side, and have access to more than 270 weapons. As you play in dungeons, the difficulty level goes up, so you’ll be challenged as you play (even if this game is a bit more forgiving than the other entries). Soul Knight features console support, and you can also play online multiplayer (up to four players).

Cardinal Quest 2

Sometimes to motivate to finish playing you want to progress and an achievable goal (well defined). There’s only so much randomness to deal with on the go, which is why Cardinal Quest 2 is a perfect adaptation of roguelikes on mobile. You have three actions to work on, and it takes patient patience to build your character to become strong enough to kill the last boss. The length of the game is short but offers plenty of replayability, thanks to the seven different game categories. Each class looks unique, and you can customize your choice of weapons and loot that you will find in the gameplay stage. So if you are looking to complete a game in shorter batches, Cardinal Quest 2 is a great option.

Abroad: Omega Edition

If you’re a fan of science fiction and want to get your feet wet in roguelike games, the award-winning game Out there: Omega Edition perfectly fits that bill. You are tasked with surviving the brutality of space with your trusty ship. You will have to manage your ship’s hull, fuel, oxygen levels and collect resources on habitable planets. The game breaks with tradition with a focus on survival and item management, so don’t expect to encounter aliens/monsters in this sci-fi adventure. Be warned that there: The Omega Edition has a high skill ceiling on entry, so it might not be the best starting point for casual players/new players in this sub-genre. Also note that this game requires a premium purchase but is free if you subscribe to a Google Play Pass.

slay the spire

Slay the Spire is a roguelike dick building game; It is a single player game where you will design a custom deck to climb to the top of the merciless spire. You’ll rely on the power within each card to carry you through the dangers that lie in wait as you roam through the randomly generated areas within the Spire. Graphically speaking, Slay the Spire strays away from the old roguelike dungeon crawlers, and instead relies on a modern user interface and elegant design for all the cards (hundreds of collectible cards) you’ll use. The game is easy to learn but hard to master, and is also available across multiple platforms.

dead cells

Dead Cells nicely crafts a first-class gameplay episode by blending elements found in roguelike and Metroidvania games. You play as a prisoner, a failed chemical experiment that could possess human corpses. Now it’s up to you to explore the ever-changing castle and discover the mystery behind the island’s (threatened) inhabitants. Dead Cells teaches you to think carefully about your choices, and each death illustrates the path you must take to improve the choices you make. Overall, this game is a masterpiece and always making updates and improvements for mobile; There’s additional console support and the ability to save in the middle of your session (a feature we’re clamoring for more single-player games to be adopted). If you start playing now, you’ll be in time to try out the free update on November 29th.

lost souls

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play Legend of Zelda in hard mode or a pixelated version of Dark Souls, Wayward Souls is probably the closest. It’s a traditional, story-driven roguelike (involving permanent death but with continuous progression in later games) and a high stakes experience. The way you decide to play can mean life or death, and it measures how well you are at preventing battle, dodging, and centering in battle. The combat is exceptional, with strict controls on mobile, which takes the 2D action game to the next level. Not only do the controls feel satisfying, but there’s also plenty of replay value as each chapter plays differently. You will have to purchase or play the app with a Google Play Pass subscription.

Dive into roguelikes

Wetting your feet with a sub-genre of games you’re not used to is daunting, especially games with a brutal difficulty level; It can be a complete extinguishing of the entire subtype if you don’t know what to get into beforehand. So we hope today’s tour will be enough to get you started, serving as an introductory guide for newcomers while allowing veterans to grow their Android game library. And remember, if you prefer casual RPGs to roguelikes, our best RPG roundup might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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