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8 Best Android Time Management Apps for Students to Increase Productivity

Developing a coordinated approach to study is important advice that ensures productivity and helps students work effectively. An unrealistic or demanding schedule can become stressful for the student.

While studying, the student has many tasks ranging from assignments, group projects, and personal reading. As the practice of purchasing research papers is becoming more and more popular, a student can Choose To purchase research papers online to ensure a better understanding of the topics taught in class. There are many tools available to help manage time and productivity when studying.

Applications that help students manage their time and increase their productivity

When it comes to studying at school, it is essential to set a realistic schedule. Time is a valuable asset to a student and must be managed effectively. Effective time management may be all a student needs To get good grades At school. Managing time as a student may not be easy, but technology has made things easy for us. These are some of the applications that can ensure effective time management and student productivity:

1. Google Calendar:

This application allows students to create and modify events. It also helps in setting reminders for occasions, with options for type and time available. It is allowed to include event locations and invite colleagues to the event.

Google Calendar is an excellent planning tool for students who use Google apps like Gmail and Google Classroom. It adds events it detects in other apps to the calendar and helps set a reminder. As a student, keeping track of schoolwork can become confusing, but some features in Google Calendar can help make schoolwork and time management effective.

Google Calendar can help manage plans for the whole day with the option to set notifications and times.

2. Trello:

Trello is a productivity and collaboration app that helps organize projects being worked on through visual panels, which can be customized either for personal use or with others. This app can be used for group school projects and assignments as it helps with ease of collaboration, communication, effectiveness and organization.

Trello helps organize many aspects of a student’s life in that it allows separate lists of task in your to-do list and on-going tasks and helps keep track of task completion.

3. Evernote:

This is the time management and productivity app that has been reviewed and recommended for students. Students of all age groups can make use of it for various functions, such as scheduling events and taking notes.

College students can use this app to jot down ideas, take pictures, solve assignments, and make study plans. Students who study in different institutions or work side by side will find this app very useful.

This app too

  • Helps create multimedia presentation
  • It enables syncing of personal to-do lists and notes across devices, and it helps to work collaboratively with others, share ideas, plan events, and set reminders.

4. myHomework Student Scheme:

This application can be used by students at all educational levels, from high school to university. It can improve the study habits and academic performance of the student, as it helps in monitoring upcoming projects, assignments, exams, and other upcoming educational events.

myHomework Student Planner has a unique feature that helps sync tasks and projects across multiple devices, and also helps set deadlines reminders.

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5. Todoist:

Todoist is a simple to-do list that manages tasks and shares them with friends and colleagues. It is an application with basic features for a student. Provides a comprehensive list of student assignments within outstanding projects.

Along the same lines, creating a separate project for each course is a great way to keep school work and extracurricular activities neatly separated.

This app too

  • Helps organize your search by saving notes and links in the comments section
  • Sync projects, tasks, and notes across multiple devices

6. 2 Do:

This is a time management app geared towards people who learn best visually. It is designed to prioritize speed. Helps students monitor specific personal or group tasks for more complex workflows. Students can use the color coding feature of this app to sort assignments into different categories; On the basis of time and priority.

Housework can also be distinguished from school work using this app. 2Do helps create simple tasks and projects with tasks and subtasks. When it comes to time tracking, these tasks and subtasks can be configured to have attachments, notes, alarms, and notifications set to them.

Students may find this program useful as they work to improve their time management skills and achieve a better balance between academics and other aspects of their lives.

7. Supportive Focus:

Students are able to prevent distractions and manage their time more effectively with the help of time management and a distraction prevention tool. This time management technique relies on timed sessions to keep users focused on individual tasks.

For example, students who want to review their homework or write an essay can use the Pomodoro technique. It helps break down tasks into 25-minute time slots, with breaks after each. Helps balance an entire day’s schedule effectively.

Students can track their productivity with a progress report analyzing a full day’s work. Students can use this customizable app to beat distractions and balance an entire day’s schedule effectively. Students with a side hustle can also use project boosters to manage their project portfolio and client list.

8. Remember the milk:

As a student, trying to cover all the required tasks can be difficult. A student who runs multiple devices and apps will find the app very useful.

This app:

  • Helps sync all devices for efficient time management
  • It has a unique feature that organizes a to-do list across multiple devices
  • Helps organize schedules and divide projects into subtasks
  • It will help you beat procrastination and increase productivity while managing your hectic schedule
  • It is a free application that is compatible with all devices

One of its important features is the reminder function that allows you to meet deadlines. Remember milk can also be used by students in school for group projects. It helps to ease cooperation and communication between these students.


Time, like money and energy, is a finite resource that must be managed effectively. It involves planning and controlling the amount of time spent on specific tasks. Effective time management Enables students to complete more tasks in less time. It also helps in focusing attention and avoids wasting time. Good time management also helps students make the most of their abilities, reduces stress, and provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from achieving goals.

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