7 ways to improve notifications on Android

7 ways to improve notifications on Android

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Android notifications are louder than iPhone notifications, but they are definitely not perfect. You can improve it with some of the features that are included in Android. We’ll show you the settings to tweak to make Android notifications even better.

View your notification history

Select the notification date

One of the most frustrating things about notifications is that they are accidentally dismissed. What app was it from? Did you miss something important? How do you find it again? This is where Notification History comes in.

Notification history is a record of all notifications that have appeared on your device in the last 24 hours. It’s not enabled by default for some reason, so you’ll need to turn it on first.

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Hide notification icons from status bar

Pixel phone with hidden notifications.
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The crown jewel of Android notifications is the status bar and ‘notification center’. You can easily see which notifications you have and scroll down to read them. However, you may not want every app to put an icon there.

For those apps that are not as important, you can simply hide the notification icon from the status bar. The notification is still there when you swipe down, but now it’s a lower priority.

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Stop notifications from appearing

android popup notification

By default, most Android notifications “appear” on the screen. These notifications can get in the way, and they’re especially annoying for junk apps. Fortunately, there is an easy way to stop this.

When “Pop on screen” is turned off, the notification will only appear as an icon in the status bar. You will not see the full popup with the notification contents. This is a great option for low priority notifications.

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Fix missing notifications

Battery health.
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Some Android devices are notorious for making battery “optimizations” too far. This can lead to the unintended consequence of killing apps in the background and preventing you from receiving their notifications.

There are a few things you can modify to fix this problem. If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, there is a good chance that you will try this annoying “feature”. There are a few things you can modify to fix this problem.

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Hide sensitive notifications on the lock screen

Turn off sensitive notifications

The lock screen is the window in your Android phone. Even if it is locked, people can still see the notifications. The good news is that you can hide the content and still see the notification.

Android gives you two options for that. You can choose to hide all “sensitive notifications” that Android identifies, so there’s not much control. Alternatively, you can turn this on or off for individual apps.

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Get notifications reminders

Tap on the alarm.

What if your goal isn’t to reduce or remove notifications, but to remember them for later? Android lets you “snooze” notifications – just like emails in Gmail – so you can be reminded of them at a later time.

Delaying a notification hides it for a set period of time and then delivers it to your phone again. This way, you won’t accidentally remove the notification or forget it in your status bar.

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Block notifications for focus time

Focus mode.

When notifications become a huge distraction, Focus Mode is your best friend. This feature allows you to choose specific apps that you find distracting, and then block them temporarily.

Focus mode is similar to Do Not Disturb mode, but it is intended to be used more on demand. Also, focus mode only blocks apps, and it doesn’t have the ability to block calls or text messages from specific people.

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Android notifications are generally fine, and all of these options are part of the reason for that. You have a lot of controls at your disposal, so be sure to take advantage of them. Don’t let your phone become a constant distraction.

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