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7 most common hardware problems on Android phones and how to fix them

The average smartphone user cares more about reliability and not having to deal with problems than getting new features. Unfortunately, smartphones aren’t perfect – certainly not Android phones – and they can cause problems after a while, if not from day one.

While some brands have a better quality guarantee than others, they all receive regular complaints from angry users. Here are the seven most common hardware problems you may encounter on your Android phone and how to solve them.

1. High temperature

Overheating is a very common problem in smartphones, and there are many things that can cause it to your device. These factors include hot weather, faulty manufacturing, use of incompatible chargers and cables, internal damage, and more.

You may realize that overheating harms the health of the battery and reduces its overall capacity which eventually leads to rapid battery drain. In rare cases, this can cause your phone to start swelling or injure you.

Follow these tips to avoid overheating:

  • Avoid using your phone while charging.
  • Avoid using your phone in very hot weather.
  • Use the chargers and cables designed by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t play graphics-intensive games that your phone can’t handle.
  • Replace the battery with a new one.

2. Communication issues

Whether you have a budget or flagship phone, you will have connectivity issues at some point. This means not being able to make calls, send SMS messages, open web pages, or connect your earphones or smartwatch to your phone via Bluetooth. Let’s tackle each problem.

  • If you can’t make calls or send SMS texts, then your phone is out of service. To fix this, turn Airplane mode on for a minute and then turn it off again. If it is not working, go to Settings > Communications > SIM card management And disable your SIM, wait, and enable it again.
  • If Wi-Fi is not working, go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi Tap the Settings icon next to your connected network and tap forget. Click on the same network, type your password, then click Connection. If the problem persists, you may need to restart or reset the router.
  • If you can’t connect wireless earbuds, smartwatch, or other Bluetooth accessories to your phone, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth Tap the Settings icon next to a paired device and tap not husband. Now pair the device again the same way you did earlier.

3. Fast battery drain

As mentioned earlier, overheating is a major reason for battery draining quickly, but it is not the only reason. It can also happen if you maximize your screen brightness, use 5G, or have a bunch of power-hungry features like location and bluetooth on all the time.

Playing graphics-intensive games can result in the same thing, especially if your phone isn’t optimized to handle the workload. Buggy software can also cause this, so it is wise to check if there is an update available and install it to see if the manufacturer fixed the problem.

You can also follow these tips to extend battery life or replace the battery.

4. Screen unresponsive or flickering

In most cases, a simple restart fixes almost all screen related issues like screen unresponsiveness or flickering. Don’t worry, a hard restart doesn’t erase any data; This only happens when you reset your device to factory settings.

To do this, press and hold the power button until your phone restarts; Sometimes this can be up to 20-30 seconds long, so don’t be alarmed if nothing happens in the first few seconds. On Samsung phones, press and hold the Volume Down key and the Power key for a faster restart.

You can also try other solutions to fix flickering display. In the worst case scenario, you may have accidentally downloaded malware that can kill your device instantly.

5. Phone freezes or apps crash

There can be many reasons why your phone freezes or apps crash when running. For example, if the device is really old, then its hardware is clearly broken; By this point, you should probably buy a new Android phone.

Apps can also crash if you don’t give them the necessary permissions to work properly; For example, a navigation app cannot function without access to your location. Your phone can also freeze due to lack of internal storage, in which case, you should free up some storage space to ensure that the operating system has enough space to run smoothly.

For more help, check out these solutions to fix broken apps.

6. The phone is not charging

If your phone does not accept a charge, it could be because the USB port is dirty, the adapter is damaged, the cable is damaged or incompatible with your phone. Therefore, cleaning the USB port and purchasing a new adapter and cable can solve the problem in most cases.

Likewise, if fast charging is not working, it may be because you are using a power bank, multi-connection board, or extension board instead of plugging the adapter directly into a wall outlet.

Other reasons why fast charging may not work is that your phone or adapter simply doesn’t support it, or the feature is turned off in your phone’s settings. For more help, try these solutions to fix fast charging not working.

7. Bulging battery, broken screen and other hardware defects

There are a host of other hardware defects that we won’t discuss in detail because there’s usually nothing you can do to fix them except for a visit to a repair shop. For example, the only solution to a swollen battery is to replace it with a new one; The same is the case for a broken screen, speaker, or microphone.

There are some not-so-perfect solutions to fix phone buttons not working, but in most cases, it’s best to get professional help if the problem is too complex for you to solve on your own.

Samsung phones enable you to run a full diagnostic test to see what is wrong with it. Doing so scans all vital hardware and software items and helps you ensure the overall condition of our device.

No smartphone is immune to damage

Some hardware issues can be resolved on your own, while others require professional help. If your phone is not in repairable condition, you may eventually have to buy a new one.

Our recommendations? Make it a habit to keep your phone. Smartphones require maintenance just like laptops and desktop computers; If done correctly, it will naturally last longer.

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