7 Best iPhone 14 Cases, Tested by Experts

7 Best iPhone 14 Cases, Tested by Experts

There are literally thousands of iPhone cases on the market, including everything from official Apple cases to bargain bottom pouches (read under $10) and knockoff brand bags on Amazon. So, if you are an iPhone 14 user, you are not thirsty for choice. Of course there is no Better iPhone case for everyone. So, How to Find the Best iPhone 14 Case for you? Here are a few things to take into consideration:


Of course, the main reason to buy a case for your phone (apart from changing the look) is to protect your investment. At around $1,000 for an iPhone 14 Max or iPhone 14 Pro, the latest iPhones aren’t cheap. Almost any case will protect your phone from accidental bumps and scratches. If you’re the type of person who meticulously handles all of their tech, chances are you can handle an entry case for under $30.

But, if you’re on the other end of the spectrum — if you’re a “frequent” on your mobile service provider’s “equipment insurance” program — consider something more important. Otterbox and Element Case, in particular, make some of the toughest and toughest cases to protect your iPhone. Their flagship models are built to military-spec drop standards with added layers of protection, so they’re built to take a serious hit. These thick cases always add weight and heft to your already bulky phone, but the first time you drop your iPhone off, you’ll realize it’s worth the trade-in.

MagSafe compatibility

MagSafe has been a staple in Apple’s lineup for two years now. The technology relies on magnets built into the latest iPhones to make them “quick” (literally) to attach things like wallets, power banks, chargers, and more. In our research, we found that all but the cheapest iPhone cases are compatible with MagSafe. However, if this is important to you, it is worth emphasizing that the cases you shop for are too.


Unlike most tech products and accessories, price isn’t a huge concern when buying iPhone 14 cases. Every case in our roundup—and nearly every case we found in our research—was under $100; Less than $50 in most cases. Expect to pay more if you’re shopping for official Apple accessories, but we’ve found that the quality and design of the third-party cases are just as good and cheaper.

Various other features

Even the best iPhone 14 cases are straightforward, so there aren’t many complicated features or specifications to delve into. But, here are some other things worth considering:

  • Antimicrobial Coating: Some cases feature a built-in antimicrobial coating. iPhone cases, like all smartphone cases, are handled a lot, so they are a natural magnet for bacteria. Although an antimicrobial coating won’t replace regular case cleanings, it’s still worth considering.
  • Grippy vs Smooth: Conditions with a “flaky” texture generally translate to a rubbery or sticky texture to help prevent drips. If you are prone to dropping your phone, this might be a better option for you. Just know that these also tend to attract dirt and dust more, and can be more difficult to put in and out of pockets. On the other hand, iPhone cases with soft texture are quite the opposite, so they tend to be easy to drop.
  • Built-in screen protector: Some iPhone cases have a built-in screen cover. They tend to be more expensive and, depending on the quality of the plastic, can “dilute” your phone’s screen brightness and overall sharpness. But, if you’re hard on your phones, this might be a trade-off worth making.

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