6 ways to safely clean your tablet and smartphone

Our smartphone is what we use the most throughout the day. Therefore, it is most susceptible to invisible dirt and germs even when we wash our hands often. The same goes for other, more commonly used devices, such as a tablet.

Since we interact with such devices with our hands, accumulated dirt and bacteria can wreak havoc in the long run. Every time we use a smartphone to make a call, it can touch our skin and may cause or exacerbate skin problems, such as acne. In addition, it can also act as a means of transmitting infections or other airborne diseases.

That’s why it’s important to schedule and clean our most used but neglected device regularly. But, there are things to be careful about when cleaning our devices as they are delicate and require proper care.

We do not recommend cleaning tablets and smartphones

Before we move on to cleaning your device the right way, let’s ignore what to avoid during the cleaning process.

  • Do not spill water on your device.
  • Do not use sharp objects that may break some components of your phone.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals like ammonia, random alcohol-based products, or Windex.
  • Do not use rough clothing that may scratch the surface of your touch screen.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on your device.
  • Do not use hot tools, such as a hair dryer.
  • Do not use hand sanitizer or liquid soap.

How to clean your tablet and smartphone safely?

There are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare your device for cleaning. First, turn off your phone/tablet completely to save it from possible water damage. Also, make sure that it is not connected to any other device with a USB cable. Once you have checked these factors, here are the steps to properly clean your tablet or smartphone.

Take off the phone case and screen protector

To completely clean all areas of your tablet or smartphone, it is first necessary to take out your phone case. Some of the boxes are large and can have dirt particles in the slots. Likewise, take off the screen protector too if you have one.

More than phone cases, screen protectors can accumulate dust around the corners of your phone along with the camera and proximity sensor. After you take it off, you can proceed to the other steps.

Use a microfiber cloth

microfiber cleaning cloth

take you microfiber cloth Then gently wipe off the excess dirt horizontally and then vertically. Wipe the dirt slowly in the same direction you prefer. But, be sure to clean away from contact points such as the charging port or the speaker. This is because there is a possibility that we may accidentally bring more dirt into these areas.

You can dampen the microfiber cloth if there are more dirt or grease particles, such as sticky glue residue of some sort, on the back. But, use as little water as possible. You can also use ear cotton to clean the corners. In addition, you can also use other products, such as screen cleaner sprays. But it is not mandatory.

Use disinfecting wipes


Another item that you can use to clean your device is disinfectant wipes. These tools are great at keeping the majority of bacteria at bay. But make sure you have disinfecting wipes in it 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Start with a small portion of the napkin and work your way around the device. Avoid areas such as the charging port, speaker, or microphone.

Use scotch tape

If there are strong dirt particles, such as sand, it is better to use scotch tape instead of a piece of cloth. This is because the cloth will pull dirt across the screen and can scratch it completely or cause small tears. Therefore, the sticky tape gently picks up dirt without the risk of scratching your device.

Lay your device flat and take out the desired amount of tape. Simply apply it to the parts where there is dirt or lint. Then pull the tape gently.

Air dry your device

After cleaning the device, be sure to leave your phone or tablet to air dry if there is still some moisture left. Make sure not to use external appliances such as a hair dryer or leave it in the sun to dry. This is because doing so will cause heat to build up inside your device and cause further damage.

Sanitize your tablet/smartphone

Sanitize your smartphone

Finally, the real cure for your phone is to thoroughly disinfect it. Although you can use other cleaning products, there must always be some dirt or germs left over. To be absolutely sure that your device is clean, you can use a third-party tool that will sanitize your device.

These days, you can get a phone sanitizer to clean your phone. This machine uses UV-C light that kills germs and bacteria and is safe for your device. However, it is also optional.

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