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6 Best Live Chat Apps for Android and iPhone

Whether you are bored or looking for new friends, you can find like-minded people in the chat room. However, there are not as many chat room apps available as in the past since instant messaging apps have taken their place.

But new applications have appeared and some have improved over time. Here are the best live chat room apps for Android and iPhone that can help you find new friends and interact with people in your favorite community.

1. Discord

Discord is a popular chat app among gamers, where you can find communities called servers that work for you. However, most servers are invite-only, so you may have to find a public server. Once you find the best Discord server for you, you can interact with anyone on the servers via text, audio, and video chats, provided you have the permissions.

Discord also allows you to add bots to servers; Some can help you automate many things, while others may add some fun to the server. The Discord server has moderators and moderators who monitor everyone and make sure that the server rules are followed.

Moreover, you can join as many servers as you want without paying a single penny. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can sign up for their Discord Nitro subscription plan, which gives you access to custom emojis, large file uploads, the ability to boost the server, and more.

Download: discord Android | iOS (Free in-app purchases available)

2. Amino

If you are looking for specific communities based on topics such as anime, K-pop, Gaming, etc., then Amino is your best bet. What sets it apart from Discord is that it focuses on all communities rather than just games. If none of the current topics interest you, you can create one for yourself using Amino Creator Manager.

You can chat with others in the community using the text and voice messaging feature and Presentation Room (which allows you to watch videos and chat simultaneously). Furthermore, you can post links, images, and more in the community, and they may be flagged in the community by moderators.

There is a premium membership on Amino+ that unlocks additional features such as custom chat bubbles, exclusive stickers, and more. You can get this membership from Amino coins.

Download: Amino for Android | iOS (Free in-app purchases available)

3. ICQ

When it comes to classic chat room apps, you can’t miss ICQ. You can find different channels and groups here, such as students, movies, teens, ICQ newcomers and many more. If you find these things interesting, you can chat with others or make audio and video calls if you like.

Moreover, you can send photos, videos, voice messages, stickers and GIFs to continue your conversation. It is used mostly by Russians, but you can also use it for yourself, the content is in Russian.

Moreover, ICQ maintains a stable connection even with a weak internet connection. Moreover, you can be anonymous here without sharing your phone number. The best part about ICQ is that it has no ads or in-app purchases. You can use it on multiple devices absolutely for free.

Download: ICQ for Android | iOS (free)

4. Telegram

Telegram is one of the best free messaging apps that doubles as an excellent chat room app. You can create communities called channels here, where you can chat with anyone via text, audio and video chat. Moreover, you can interact within the channel using stickers, animated emojis, GIFs, and reactions.

Most of these channels are not public, but if you are lucky you can find some great Telegram channels. There are channels for specific communities, such as anime, Netflix, quotes, and more. If you don’t see the one you like, you can create one and invite others using the link.

Telegram is free, but it also has an excellent option. If your usage requirements are high, you can opt for the Telegram Premium subscription. It adds some extra features, but you might be wondering if Telegram Premium is worth the price.

Download: Telegram for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

5. Viber

Viber is another classic chat room app on this list that focuses on private messaging. You can join different communities and channels based on your interests, such as sports, movies, games and many more. You can chat with people within the community or channels via text, audio and video chat.

Other interactions include reactions to messages and sending GIFs and stickers. If you don’t like the existing stickers, you can create your own sticker pack on Viber. The best thing about Communities on Viber is that it supports an unlimited number of members while keeping everyone’s details private.

On the other hand, you can start a conversation with the community members while hiding your details. Channels work similarly to communities, but the only difference is that channel owners can decide who can send messages. Furthermore, Viber is free to use, but you can choose to pay for additional items such as sticker packs.

Download: Viber for Android | iOS (Free in-app purchases available)

6. The club

Clubhouse is the perfect chatroom app for you if you prefer voice over video discussions. You can create or join rooms that can accommodate thousands of people. You can find different rooms by simply opening the app or searching for specific topics, such as sports, finance or movies. Furthermore, the Clubhouse launches some private communities called homes.

Once you join a room, you will be in a group voice call with others in the chat room. Some chat rooms allow anyone to talk, while you have to raise your hand if you want to talk. Usually, you will see experts, journalists or celebrities hosting these chat rooms. Clubhouse is completely free to use without any in-app purchases.

Download: Club House for Android | iOS (free)

Make new friends in chat rooms

Find and join your favorite community and meet like-minded people using these chat room apps. You may find new interests and discover new things that you didn’t know before.

However, it is best to use these apps in moderation. One way or another, you’re still online, so it’s best to keep your identity as confidential as possible. You can find yourself experiencing negative effects from using social media apps if you are not careful.

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