50% of Indians plan to upgrade smartphones, says HT Media-Aroscop استطلاع survey

50% of Indians plan to upgrade smartphones, says HT Media-Aroscop استطلاع survey

A survey conducted by HT Media and research agency Aroscop revealed that one in two plans to upgrade their devices and smartphones this holiday season. HT Media, one of the country’s most trusted content and news platforms, is designed to decode the behavior of Indian consumers this festive season. Collaborated with research agency Aroscop and produced the report “Decoding the Festive Shopper”.

The report included a pan-India survey of more than 13,000 Indian consumers who read various HT Media platforms, asking them to reveal their shopping and buying channel preferences this festive season. The survey revealed that Indians are ready for revenge shopping and much-needed travel after two years of simple festivities.

According to the report, HT Media has become a preferred destination for brands who want to create a high brand amongst their high-end, affluent and engaged audience. Below are other findings from the report.

1. One out of four HT Media readers said they are planning to buy a four wheeler buggy around Diwali and Dushra. The most popular choice for the car is the hatchback, with 38 percent of readers choosing it, and buyers preferring SUVs or SUVs at 31 percent.

2. Among the readers surveyed, 40 percent said they received information regarding car shows from newspapers while 31 percent got the information from digital advertisements. The message was clear: Nearly a third of willing shippers use HT Media’s print and digital platforms as channels for information about new launches, offers and festive deals.

50 percent of HT Media readers plan to buy a smartphone this holiday season.

3. One in two readers said they plan to buy a smartphone this holiday season. Of these, 76 percent wanted to buy or upgrade their smartphone via e-commerce platforms while the rest would prefer the offline shopping experience.

4. More than half of the population surveyed indicated that they had a budget of more than R25,000 for smartphones. Furthermore, 50 per cent of the survey respondents said they plan to purchase consumer electronics such as headphones, amplifiers, televisions, etc.

5. According to the report, one in three participants who plan to purchase electronic products said they would shop for wearable devices. Nearly 60 percent of them reported receiving information on consumer electronics offerings from newspapers and digital advertisements.

6. At least 66 percent of HT Media’s readers said they intend to buy gold, jewelry, or invest in other gold compounds this holiday season. Ninety percent of respondents said they would visit stores to buy jewelry.

One in four HT Media readers said they are planning to buy a four-wheeler around Diwali and Dussehra

7. At least 45 percent of Indians plan to purchase household and kitchen items during the festive season such as refrigerators, food processors, air fryers, etc. At least 50 percent of them said they would buy these products online while the remaining 50 percent preferred to visit stores.

8. The report stated that the same percentage and channel preferences were observed for buying clothes and shoe accessories. Discount and other offers were among the main reasons people choose e-commerce platforms for shopping.

9. At least 42 percent of Indians said they missed going on family vacations, followed by 30 percent who said they missed going to restaurants and movies.

10. The report is HT Media’s attempt to capture Indian consumer sentiment towards festive spending which reflects an optimistic picture of businesses across the country. Consumers are rapidly turning to online channels for a large percentage of their shopping needs across the country. The report added that the opportunity for e-commerce and D2C brands to appear to a premium audience on HT Media properties is huge.

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