5 Ways to Fix Emergency Calls Only on Android Devices (2022) ⋆ Naijaknowhow

5 Ways to Fix Emergency Calls Only on Android Devices (2022) ⋆ Naijaknowhow

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Emergency calls are enabled only Android One of the most annoying bug that must be a problem on Android, if you have come across an error on your Android device countless times and haven’t figured out a permanent solution yet, then this article might be helpful.

Dealing with “emergency calls only” can be frustrating, and if such a life-and-death scenario arises, one blessing is how to fix the error and minimize the situation.

In this article you are reading NaijaKnowHowIn this article, you will learn how to fix emergency calls only on Android. Emergency call error does nothing but prevent you from making or receiving calls on your Android device, in order to fix it, we have provided you some possible solutions below and this will work on a single or dual SIM Android device.

How to fix emergency calls only on Android devices

If you are wondering about the most effective ways to fix emergency calls only on Android, here are some of the most effective methods or methods that you can use to bypass emergency calls error on your Android device.

Method 1: Fix Your Sim Card Correctly

The first point of contact when you only have emergency calls on your Android device is to check the position of your sim card, when the sim card is not properly aligned in its case, you may face the command and all you need to fix this is to do the following:

  • On the side of your Android device, locate the sim card slot.
  • Turn off your device and then pull out the sim card slot.
  • Check if your sim fits into the aligned case (the shape of the sim fits perfectly with the outline on the case) and correct it appropriately.
  • Replace Android and turn on your device to see if the issue is resolved.

Method 2: Turn Airplane Mode on/off

Airplane mode on Android is an offline activation protocol that allows you to disconnect your Android device from any form of wireless connection. Once activated, you will be disconnected from your carrier and once you turn it off, everything goes back to normal.

Using Airplane mode works and to do that, follow the simple steps given below.

  • Go to your Android device Settings.
  • Click linksthen search for Flight mode or Flight mode.
  • Click the switch to activate a file Flight mode.
  • Once all connections are disconnected and you can see the airplane icon, tap the toggle again to deactivate Airplane mode. Once this is done, the emergency call error will disappear and you can go back to receiving and making calls on your Android device.

Method 3: Change the network mode

Change network mode

These days, most Android devices support different network modes, and while modes like 4G and 5G provide better quality network coverage but increase battery drain, modes like 3G and 2G can help save battery but with poor network coverage.

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Sometimes using 4G or 5G on an unsupported device can cause “Emergency calls only” error and fix that. You will need to use the supported network mode.

  • to open Settings on your Android device, then tap Connections.
  • Choose sim card manager (If you are using dual sim, tap the sim card with emergency call error).
  • Once you select the sim card with emergency call error, click on Network Mode, then change the network mode from its current state to another i.e. from 4G to 3G and wait for it to rescan the network signal.

Method 4: Reset network settings

Resetting your Android device’s network settings is another way to fix this error, you may have a wrong network configuration on your Android device and resetting it may be the only solution to fix the emergency call error. To do this, follow the steps below.

It’s easy to reset network options on Android. Once you do that, you can reconfigure your settings from scratch.

  • go to the Settings on your Android device.
  • then go to System > headed to Factory Re-Set options in settings.
  • Click Reset network settings, then select the Sim whose network you wish to reset. If it’s Sim 1, click the reset settings button below it, if it’s Sim 2, repeat the same steps.

Method 5: Factory reset your Android device

factory settings

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You might have tried the above option and nothing seems to work, the other thing that you should do is try the factory reset option and see if that fixes the error message. To reset your Android device, follow the steps below.

NB: Resetting your Android device will cause you to lose files and data, make sure to run a backup before trying this method.

  • go to the Settings on your Android device.
  • then go to System > headed to Factory Re-Set options in settings.
  • You will see different reset options, tap Factory resetand enter your password to continue.
  • Once you have done the factory data reset and try to go back to your Android device and get stuck in FRP (Factory Reset Protection), you can use any of the Best FRP Bypass Tools For this.


Trust that you enjoyed reading this article on how to fix emergency calls only on Android and if so, you can leave a comment below and also check some related articles regarding bug fixes on Android.

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