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5 Unique Features That Make Pixel 7 Different From All Other Android Phones

Google’s Pixel range of phones isn’t quite as popular as Samsung’s flagship and mid-range Galaxy devices. However, it is highly appreciated by power users and Android lovers. That’s because Pixel phones always prioritize user experience over raw performance numbers.

With the Pixel 7 series now released, here’s a look at some of the features that make it different from other Android phones.

1. Google VPN Free

As part of a Google One subscription, Big G offers free access to its VPN service. The company will make its VPN available to Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro users in select countries at no additional cost — without even having to sign up for Google One.

This will help ensure better user privacy, as the VPN will protect the user’s online activity no matter what app or browser they are using.

The feature will not be part of the Pixel 7 series at launch, although it will be available later in 2022. And if you’re wondering if you should use a VPN, check out our guide on Do You Really Need a VPN on Android? for the answers.

2. G2 . Tensioner

The Tensor chip plays an important role in making Pixel phones what they are. Thanks to the strong integration of hardware and software, Google can offer many features exclusively on its Pixel devices. Google’s semi-customized Tensor chip made its debut on the Pixel 6 series in 2021, and on the Pixel 7 series it uses the second generation of the chip, the Tensor G2.

The new chip offers improved performance in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and image processing (ISP), rather than focusing on raw CPU capacity. Google has improved parts of the SoC for special features in the Pixel 7 lineup.

Using the next generation Tensioner Processing Unit (TPU), Google reduced Night Sight processing time by more than 50%. Other new features include Cinematic Blur, which allows you to record videos with a shallow depth of field, and Photo Unblur.

Outside of iPhones, Google is the only other company that develops semi-dedicated CPU solutions that are specifically optimized for the features you want to offer. This contrasts with non-Google Android phones, which typically use the flagship Qualcomm or MediaTek chipset.

3. Voice typing on the device

Pixel 7 (and Pixel 6 series) phones feature real-time on-device voice typing. This makes using your voice to type significantly faster than using the keyboard — Google claims a 2.5x speed improvement.

With the Pixel 7 series, the company is expanding the feature to more languages, including Spanish, Italian, and French. Additionally, you can search for an emoji or ask Google to insert the emoji you want using your voice. None of the other Android devices feature on-device voice typing. They do not process audio data locally, so there is a noticeable lag in the audio-to-text conversion process.

4. Useful camera features

Pixel phones are known for their performance and imaging features, and the Pixel 7 series is no different, thanks to a powerful ISP and next-generation TPU, you get features like Photo Unblur and faster Night Sight processing on the Pixel 7.

Photo Unblur enhances your blurry photos by improving their sharpness and detail. It can also work its magic on your existing photos, but the feature is exclusive to the Pixel 7 range for now. As for Night Sight, while it’s also available on the Pixel 6 series, Google was able to make it twice as fast using the extra power provided by the upgraded hardware.

5. Quick sentences

You can access the Google Assistant on almost all Android phones. But on the Pixel, you get exclusive access to a handy Assistant feature: Quick Phrases.

It allows you to talk to the Assistant about daily actions without having to say “Hey, Google” first. On the Pixel 6 series, you can say “Snooze” to snooze the alarm or “Decline” to reject an incoming call using just your voice and without having to say the word to launch the Assistant.

Google upgraded the feature in the Pixel 7 series with another quick phrase: “Silence.” So, instead of rejecting a call, you can say “silence” to mute it. Quick Phrases is a handy feature, especially if you use the assistant quite a bit in everyday use.

Pixel 7 is more than its spec sheet

The Google Pixel 7 lineup may not have the strongest spec sheet or the fastest charging speeds. But thanks to the tight integration of hardware and software, it can offer features that you won’t get on any other Android phone. This is what makes this phone special.

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