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5 things to always consider before buying a new smartphone

The perfect time of year to upgrade a file android Smartphone now, as two months of sales and promotions kick off this week with Black Friday. When purchasing a new device, additional factors besides cost must be considered, although they vary from person to person.

That’s why today I’m here to share with you 5 considerations I always make before buying a new cell phone.

  • Battery and charging speed
  • cameras
  • Screen refresh rate
  • Program updates
  • storage

The five things you should always keep in mind before buying a new mobile phone

Battery and charging speed

The first feature that I usually consider before buying a new smartphone is its battery. Because, for me, having a good autonomy is very important in my daily life because my smartphone is an additional work tool.

Buying a smartphone with a battery capacity of less than 4000 mAh is not worth my attention. Instead, I would suggest a smartphone with a 4,500 or 5,000 mAh battery. In this regard, there are many android Phones with big batteries If you want a device with a long battery life.

The fast charging system that enables you to fully charge the device in less than an hour is another feature that I greatly appreciate because I often need to give my device a quick battery boost before leaving the house.


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Although I don’t take a lot of photos, I love having a smartphone that allows me to take high quality photos, especially during the day. This is another feature that I usually consider before buying a smartphone.

When choosing a mobile device, I usually consider whether it has a decent main sensor and an ultra wide angle sensor, both of which should have good resolution and a good focal aperture.

In addition, I rarely take selfies, and these days, Any mid-range smartphone It has an accurate front sensor, so I rarely consider the front camera when choosing a smartphone.

Check out our list of cheap cell phones with the best cameras available If you want a good camera phone but don’t want or can’t spend a lot of money.

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Screen refresh rate


Before replacing my personal smartphone, I always check that the potential replacement has a flexible screen. With a refresh rate of 90 or 120 Hz.

After testing a number of devices over the year, I can say with confidence that by the middle of 2022 it is not necessary to buy a mobile phone with a 60 Hz panel because the majority of smartphones on the market today have a high refresh rate, which does not negatively affect their autonomy. In addition, the user experience offered by a mobile phone with a flexible screen is a feature that you will appreciate.

Program updates

Android updates

I always look for how many years of updates each manufacturer provides before I buy a smartphone. For example, Samsung offers 5 years of system updates and 4 years of security updates. While Google offers 4 years of system updates and 3 years of security updates.

Other companies, such as Xiaomi or Realme, only guarantee you two years of OS updates. And three years of security updates, in return.

This is a crucial point for me. Because it enables me to increase the life of my device. Since receiving updates for a longer period of time results in less performance degradation. And a better defense against external threats like viruses and malware.


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Due to the high quality of smartphone cameras today, which capture high quality photos and videos and therefore require a large amount of storage space in addition to the high storage space requirements by modern applications and games, we do not recommend buying a smartphone in 2022 with less than 128 GB storage space at all, and the space Recommended 256 GB and above.

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