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5 Advanced Add-ons for Gmail Android

Friends, e-mailers, netizens: Throw me your ears – ‘For my goodness, may I have one look of Gmail’s amazing treasure to share with you today.

It’s a whole system of advanced add-ons that I’m pretty sure I’ve pretty much forgotten about. I know ID I forgot all about it until just the other day, when I was wandering through my inbox (as someone does) and suddenly found myself making a jaw-dropping cartoon expression while giggling gleefully.

And lemme told me: If you’re anywhere near an efficiency obsession like I am, you’re about to make some giggles of your own.

Let me quickly set the stage before we dive in: these additions are part of an official Google Workspace Marketplace I’m pretty sure four people have visited in the last six months. It is home to a series of tools that you can add directly to different Workspace applications and then use them without having to open anything else or interrupt your workflow.

With Gmail, this means you can bring bits of other productivity essentials straight to your inbox and take advantage of the most useful features right then and there.

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And best of all? Contrary to what you would normally expect with an add-on, these beauties work well in a file Gmail Android App As they do on the desktop site.

Let me show you my favorites

Gmail Android Add-on #1: Trello Quick Add-on

I don’t know about you, but Trello is Absolutely indispensable part of productivity setup. I use it to organize ideas, calendars, burritos, and all kinds of goodies.

and with the Add Trello GmailNow, I can send any email I look at directly to any Trello board with two quick taps on my phone.

All I do is look for the Trello icon that now appears at the bottom of every email I open in the Gmail Android app and click on it with a weirdo cursor – and by Jolly, would you look at that?

Add Gmail Android app: Trello JR

Right then and there, inside my inbox, a simple pop-up panel appears that connects to my Trello setup and lets me send any email I see in any panel I want.

All you have to do is Install the add-on yourself and then follow the steps to authorize it the first time you open it in Gmail.

The same goes for all the other Gmail extensions we’re about to wrap up, by the way – and all of those tools are owned and operated by the company connected to the service (so Trello, in other words, in this case). They usually only have access to emails where you actively open the Email, and as long as you trust the associated service, there isn’t much to worry about in terms of privacy.

Gmail Android Addition #2: Slack Sender Simpler

Then, the next time you want to send something from Gmail to Slack, skip the usual copy-and-paste procession and instead click the handy Slack icon from the same place in your inbox — below any email you open in your trusted Gmail app Android.

Add Gmail Android app: Slack JR

with the Add Slack Gmail Installed, you will see a Save Steps panel that will enable you to post the email directly to any channel or DM available.

Not bad is it?!

Gmail Android Add-on #3: Set up a smarter signature

Bad stuff signature – no doubt about it. But since it’s still an unavoidable reality in our modern world of work, you can also make it as palatable as possible.

and the Add PandaDoc Gmail It does just that: when you click on its icon while viewing any email with a PDF attachment, it will make it easy for you to sign the file without going through all the usual hassles.

You’ll just confirm the person who signed, right there inside Gmail, and hit a button to send the document to PandaDoc and get ready for your signature.

Add-on for Gmail for Android: PandaDoc JR

The same kind of setup applies with Add DocuSign Gmail or the Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) Gmail add-onAlso, if you prefer any of these services.

Gmail Android Addition #4: Thesaurus On Demand

If you haven’t heard of it before Thesaurus-You are missing out. The site is a great resource for finding unfamiliar synonyms and helping yourself to think of any word escape dribbling You are you.

And although the normal Android Thesaurus app is Well worth your time to exploreThe Gmail Thesaurus Add-on It brings all this same power straight to your Gmail inbox. This way, you can have a definition or a sprawling list of synonyms for whatever you need without leaving the email you’re writing.

Gmail Android add-on: Power Dictionary JR

completely favorable Discover who loves (or maybe hates) the language.

Gmail Android Addition #5: Your Personal Mailbox Task Link

This latest Gmail add-on is interesting – because it really gives you the productivity-boosting power that even Google’s own apps wouldn’t allow.

Which is a kind of setup choose your adventure too:

with any of Add Todoist Gmail or the Add AnyDo Gmailyou can send complete emails to any of your to-do lists with a quick tap on the appropriate icon at the bottom of any email in the Gmail Android app.

Add Gmail Android app: Todoist JR

Here’s the weird thing: Google Keep and Google Tasks are automatically offered as native add-ons within the Gmail desktop website. But you can’t access either of them like this in the Gmail Android app. Go and conclude.

If you don’t mind relying on Todoist or AnyDo for your tasks, they are two excellent services to rely on! – You can extend this power to your Android email domain and save a lot of steps And the Seconds.

Not so bad for a system that most everyone, including probably Google itself, seems to have forgotten.

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