4 easy ways to lock apps on iPhone

4 easy ways to lock apps on iPhone

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Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature available in iPhone to protect or lock apps on iPhone. But, fortunately, there are some settings features available that you can use to prevent someone from spying on your device while you give it to them. There are no long boring ways, just easy and fast ways Lock apps on iPhone.

How do I lock apps on iPhone?

Nowadays, your Touch IDs can be used to lock apps on your iOS. Otherwise, you can use the first-party method, the screen time limit feature, or the Guided Access method Lock apps on your iPhone.

First party method to lock apps on iPhone

iPhones do not have built-in system-wide support for locking individual apps. At this moment, you can take some help from Settings and make some manual changes to keep individual apps locked on iPhone. Follow these steps to find out How to lock apps on your iPhone:

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Choose the Screen Time tab > enable it
  • Go to the Content and privacy section
  • Now tap on the Allowed apps option > turn off the slide for all the apps you don’t want to use
  • Go back to the home screen > and save the settings.

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Note: For iPhone 11 or earlier, users will have to use the Restrict feature. They must first go to the Settings app > go to the General section. Now, scroll down and go to Restrictions tab > open it > enable restrictions.

Now the user will have to enter and confirm a new password. After activating restrictions with a unique password, users will be presented with several options. The only limitation is that this qualifies for first-party apps from Apple.

If the user wants to hide the disabled apps from the home screen, they can swipe the green toggle to the non-external side. Although it is not very close to the lock feature, it removes or temporarily stops the app from working on iOS.

However, the apps you lock here cannot be accessed until you re-allow them. Also, restricted apps will not be accessible until the user gives permission to the app.

Screen time limits feature is the app lock feature on iPhone

Users can choose to use the time limits feature introduced in iOS12 to initiate app lock. Follow more steps to get started:

  • Open the Settings app > go to the Screen Time tab
  • Now go to the App Limits section > Choose the ‘Add Limit’ option
  • The user will see a list of apps > select the apps you wish to restrict > tick the check box against the app
  • Users can choose any app mentioned under a particular category
  • Users can also set the time limit for app restriction, and customize the limit of days for the restriction to activate
  • After everything is done> hit the “Add” button and save the settings.

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Once all the steps are completed, the app will be locked and the user can always request more specified time by clicking “Request more time” and entering the password to disable the lock. This is it How to lock apps on iPhone.

Guided access method to lock apps on iPhone

This is the ultimate method any iOS user can use to protect their apps while using their phones for others. Guided Access is a nuclear app lock option, it protects you from leaving any of your apps open while giving your phone to anyone suspicious.

Here are the steps to use this method:

  • Go to the Settings app > select Accessibility
  • Now choose Guided Access and slide the toggle button
  • Now go towards Passcode Settings > Set Guided Access Password

NB: There is also a shortcut method to enable the Guided Access method. All you have to do is triple press the Touch ID or the Power button to enable it on any app. And now you know How to lock apps on iPhone.

This method allows the user to stop using any individual application. So, it comes in handy when you are handing over your device to someone. At any time you can enable the feature. Just use the shortcut method, enter the passcode, and click Finish in the upper right corner of the screen.

Third party app method to lock apps on iPhone

Third party apps are the last option and the riskiest option on the list. There are an infinite number of apps available for Android, but that is not the case with iPhones. Some of these apps are Locktopus, BioProtect, and ApplLocker. These apps are only supported on Jailbroken iPhones. It is not recommended for everyone, as it is for advanced users only.

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With Touch ID features for Lock apps on iPhoneApp lock is now safe for everyone. Allows users to enable or disable it at any time. The useful features of locking apps on iPhone are flawless and easy to use. So, without worrying about anyone spying on your phone, go ahead and keep it safe already. Which method do you find useful? Tell us in the comments section.
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