3SS, P3 Forge Partnership for In-Vehicle Infotainment powered by Android

3SS, P3 Forge Partnership for Android-powered in-vehicle infotainment

3 screen solutions (3SS), Leading manufacturer of set-top box (STB) software, smart TV and multi-screen entertainment, and specialist provider of in-vehicle infotainment solutions p 3 They announced their partnership and a new collaborative technology platform that delivers Android-powered super aggregation for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Recognized leaders in their respective fields, partners co-develop a game-changing in-car infotainment system that includes on-the-go video entertainment (user experience) that powers all in-vehicle displays built on Google’s Android Auto OS (operating system) .

With 26 years of experience in automotive industry consulting and software development, P3 creates customized in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. P3 helps auto manufacturers stand out by providing a human-machine interface (HMI), service layer, and a custom Vehicle Hardware Abstraction Layer (VHAL) from top to bottom. The company has worked with several car and truck makers to design and implement Android-based infotainment systems, including the Sparq platform.

P3, the leading Android Automotive OS partner, helps car manufacturers take advantage of the cutting-edge Android Automotive platform.

3SS adds additional value to the solution by integrating files 3 platform ready product, a powerful entertainment ecosystem, to provide leading-edge, customized video entertainment services for vehicles. Today 3Ready delivers advanced TV experiences to major service providers around the world with shared access to more than 35 million homes.

3Ready provides UX flexibility and manageability that helps automakers stand out from their competition with a next-level entertainment service. Uniqueness depends on it 3 ready control center, the cornerstone of 3SS’s 3Ready Product Platform, which enables UX to be managed and targeted dynamically, all from a single unified system, in real time. UI/UX can be flexibly configured by vehicle manufacturers, and the ever-evolving 3Ready provides a roadmap for innovations that benefit customers in the long run.

Differentiation of car manufacturers through in-car entertainment

Automakers have the opportunity to benefit from the 3SS+P3 partnership. Being able to enjoy a rich set of bundled content that seamlessly translates from devices used at home to viewing on the go is something consumers today demand. Car manufacturers who can extend the user experience of harmonious home entertainment to their vehicles can achieve a major new difference, an advanced entertainment experience that makes being on the road more enjoyable than ever before, for all vehicle occupants.

The partnership extends super-collecting to the vehicle space. 3Ready software enables superior processing of content and promotions from all sources. The visual organization includes all your content, applications, and games and presents a range of options in an easy-to-use and accessible way. The platform is in line with the industry’s functional safety requirements.

3Ready provides a flexible and fully customizable UI/UX that enables automakers/OEMs to differentiate while retaining control over the customer experience. The need for personalized and ever-changing content is critical to business in today’s highly developed entertainment market. With over 13 years of experience in the TV industry and over 300 entertainment projects delivered, 3SS brings the knowledge and technical capabilities 3Ready made available in vehicles.

Moreover, automakers remain in control of the roadmap of features and monetization opportunities that can create additional targetable properties and thus generate new revenue streams. The 3Ready product platform provides many additional features, functionality, and service features that can be configured to meet operational and business requirements. Uniquely, the entire in-car entertainment experience can be controlled in real time without software updates.

The benefits of the new 3SS+P3 solution are countless: it brings the superlative aggregation experience of much-loved content to the vehicle using the Android Automotive OS, with passengers able to access a rich variety of pre-built third-party content and applications. Enhanced content discovery and aggregation means everyone in the car gets personalized entertainment, from video streaming to music. Moreover, this display of diverse content can be efficiently optimized and adapted in real time via a remote management platform.

Android Automotive on the rise

Consumers today expect the intuitive, engaging, and app-rich experiences of their smartphones to integrate seamlessly with their vehicle’s infotainment system. When they get into their car, they want to keep using their personal app ecosystem effortlessly. This is made possible by Google’s Android Automotive OS.

Telecom companies and video service providers benefit

This technology collaboration will benefit telecom companies and other service providers as well as their customers. One of the biggest challenges and most important characteristic of in-car entertainment has been the lack of standardization and widespread fragmentation among the automakers’ operating systems. It is not only a problem for car manufacturers but also for video service providers and many have adopted Android OS for TV. The increasingly popular Android Automotive OS app – now available in Polestar, Volvo, Ford and soon in Renault, Nissan, and more – makes it easy to create and integrate apps/services into the selected automotive ecosystem.

Telecom companies and video service providers are increasingly recognizing the commercial potential to extend the user experience of advanced home television in vehicles. Operators are key to providing these seamless experiences everywhere, as well as the connection that enables them. Moreover, increasing the duration of time spent interacting with the operator’s service in this way leads to building stronger relationships with customers and provides new revenue opportunities.

3Ready, with the huge number of multi-screen devices supported (dedicated streaming devices, smart TV, game consoles, web browser, smartphones and tablets) makes it easy to extend the solution to vehicle screens, speeds up time to market and thus reduces the Development effort and cost.

Adnan Ertural, Head of Automotive Division at 3SS
Consumers have more free time in the car today; Being on the road is no longer a barrier to doing something productive or enjoyable. They have the option to check the latest news headlines, or they can watch a movie, make video phone calls, play games, or catch up on work. They expect a choice without a hitch, no matter what they choose to do during their time in the car.

Marius Maillat, Managing Director of P3 Digital Services and Chief Technology Officer
With an established global track record of delivering world-class video experiences, 3SS is the perfect entertainment partner for our Android Automotive OS platform, Sparq. Combining our technology know-how, our own and complementary industry expertise, and our shared vision, the P3 and 3SS have embarked on a journey whose destination is the transformative Android-powered in-vehicle infotainment system.

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