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3 reasons to buy a 5G smartphone in 2022, and 3 reasons to stick with your 4G device

5G smartphones: Jio and Airtel have started 5G network services in India, either as an open trial or with a full rollout in select cities, and even wider coverage is expected to come in the following months. Before moving to 5G, a number of users may be looking to choose a 5G device for their next smartphone, but with so many options, choosing a smartphone can be a tough task, 5G or otherwise.

Moreover, a number of 4G smartphones are also available at the moment, which offers good performance at a lower price. These devices may have outdated chipsets but they may provide a value-for-money experience for many.

If choosing between a 4G and 5G smartphone has confused you, here are some reasons to choose both that should help you make the right call.

Why you should stick with 4G phones right now

coverage: The 5G network is currently available to a few regions in India. While more cities are expected to get 5G coverage over the next year or two, this is something you should consider before spending five figures on a new phone.

If your area isn’t a Tier 1 or Tier 2 city, your new 5G phone may become a dated device out of its update cycles by the time you get 5G coverage. Make sure that you will actually have access to 5G in your area of ​​residence, work, etc. before committing to buying a phone.

Pricing: 5G phones are generally more expensive, especially if you look at segments like Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000, where you can still find 4G and 5G phones. While spending more money on a 5G phone or a 5G variant of the same device might seem like a good and futuristic idea, it won’t be worth it if you don’t have the coverage and budget for 5G plans.

Note that although the prices for 5G data plans may equal 4G at first, they can quickly progress to the fastest service. If you’re not happy with the higher prices for faster data, you might want to reconsider spending extra on a 5G phone as well. Remember that you can always get a newer 5G phone later, perhaps in a smaller quantity.

performance: In the lower segments, you can get better performance from a 4G phone compared to a 5G phone for the same price. Although a 4G phone may not be the most adaptable option for the future, it may still be the most powerful device, and the better choice if you can’t use 5G in your area.

For example, take the Poco X3 Pro, while it is an older 4G phone priced at under Rs 20,000, it comes with the Snapdragon 860, which is a much more powerful chipset than the newer 5G chipset that might offer 5G connectivity, but at the cost of poor performance at the same price. . If your need for a faster, more capable phone outweighs your need for a 5G connection, you should stick with a 4G device for now.

Reasons to buy a 5G phone

Future ready: 5G smartphones are more future-proof devices, and not just because they support 5G networks. The industry is switching to 5G networks and chipsets that support it, just as we’ve switched from a micro-USB port to a USB Type-C port. 5G phones will be the way forward.

On top of that, 5G phones will of course be newer devices which have the general benefits of having a newer phone as well. This includes frequent software updates, more modern features, better cameras, and better performance.

upper parts: If you are spending more than Rs 20,000 on a smartphone, buying a 5G smartphone is easy. This is because there aren’t a lot of 4G phones in the higher segments to choose from (unless you’re considering the used smartphone market) and for that price, you’ll probably be using your phone for about three years, at which point most areas will have 5G coverage.

A 4G phone like the iPhone 11 might sound like a great deal when it’s available for around Rs 30,000 during sales, but keep in mind that these devices won’t have many software updates left in their cycle, and won’t support 5G at all, even if you move to 5G compatible area later.

Need for faster data speeds: Of course, if you are someone who wants faster mobile data for work or other purposes, and you are ready to spend money for it, then a 5G smartphone is the way to go. Even if certain regions in India do not have the best 5G speeds at the moment, they are still faster than 4G speeds and could improve over time.

Not to mention that you can travel to areas with better 5G coverage in the future, whether in India or abroad, and to make the most of your data speeds, you’ll need a 5G compatible device in your pocket.

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