3 best and affordable smartphones to bring home in 2022

In addition to Apple and Samsung, what do we have in the smartphone market?

Apple has stayed At the center of the smartphone industry for years. The elegant, stunning design, ever-evolving chipset and powerful camera system of the iPhone have made it one of the most sought-after smartphones in the world. This month, Apple consolidated its leadership in the industry and expanded its reach with Subtract The next generation of iPhones.

While there is lively discussion of ‘Dynamic Island’ (an industry-first exclusive feature inserted to iPhone 14 Pro models), and some troubled Expensive for the phone. Hence, more and more people are opting for alternative smartphones that are less popular and cheaper but just as powerful.

If you’re giving away your old phones for something different but don’t know what’s available in the smartphone market right now, we’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up some alternative smartphones that no one has heard of that are worth checking out. Read this article and save for later reference if needed!

none phone (1)

none phone (1)
Image courtesy of Nothing Phone

If you’ve ever wanted a futuristic phone that makes you stand out in a crowd, no phone might be what you need. None, a London-based technology company, Launched Phone (1) as its first phone in July of this year. Like many other smartphones, the phone (1) comes with an OLED display with a high refresh rate (up to 120Hz) and a dual camera system, among other professional features. However, what sets the phone apart from the rest in the industry is its futuristic design on the back.

avatar interface, as nothing calls it, is a set of five LED light strips that light up when you receive incoming phone calls and app notifications. Users can adjust or adapt Lighting patterns and brightness for different contacts.

None Phone (2)
Avatar style when receiving phone calls
none phone (3)
Avatar style when receiving app notifications

While the Glyph interface may seem to be one of the most groundbreaking features we’ve ever seen on a smartphone, critics point out that it comes along with Disadvantages, such as reduced battery life and unnecessary distraction. However, if these flaws don’t worry you, there isn’t one (1) phone that’s actually worth paying attention to.

Price: $467.99 (8 GB RAM + 128 GB), $497.93 (8 GB RAM + 256 GB), $547.87 (12 GB RAM + 256 GB)

Light Phone II

Light Phone II
Photo courtesy of Light

As smartphone companies continue to stuff their phones with more advanced functions, we don’t even realize how much we are getting sucked into our screens. If that describes you, you will surely be impressed with what Light Phone II has to offer.

Light Phone II is the latest model Projection Powered by Light, a New York-based mobile startup company. Compared to Nothing Phone (1), Light Phone II Embrace Minimalistic design method both on the outside and inside. When you pick up the phone, you should first notice that it does not have a camera. It is also not equipped with an OLED screen but an E-ink screen (similar to the Kindle).

Under the hood, the Light Phone II is also built without most of the functions we normally see on a smartphone – mailbox, web browser and social media. However, the phone is not designed to prevent users from communicating with others. It still allows users to text and call family and friends, to say the least.

For those who are used to the capabilities offered by most smartphones, the Light Phone II is undoubtedly an incompetent model. Meanwhile, Light’s goal is Create A simple phone that people use as little as possible to spare us smartphone fatigue in the long run.

Price: $299 (North American and International models)

Doogee S98 Pro

Doogee S98 Pro
Image courtesy of Doogee

Given that smartphones house many sensitive internal electronic devices, such as a system on a chip (SoC) – an integrated circuit include Central Processing Unit (CPU)—Graphics processing unit (GPU), display processor and more, you definitely want your phones to be waterproof lest water damage the internal parts of your phone.

Enter powerful smartphones. As the name suggests, powerful smartphones tighten Phones that are specifically designed to be water, dust, drop and shock resistant. With a durable design, the rugged phones can withstand harsh conditions on construction sites, harsh environments, and more. Doogee S98 Pro, in particular, is in demand by many due to its outstanding damage-resistance capabilities.

As a leading rugged phone model, the S98 Pro He carries IP68 water resistance rating. If you are wondering, IP stands for International Protection Mark, which is an international classification system created for class Dust/dirt level (on a scale of 0 to 6; first number) and water resistance (on a scale of 0 to 9K; second number) for electronic devices. In this case, the IP68 rating means that this phone is dust-tight (full degrees of dust resistance) and highly water-resistant.

Handcrafted, the S98 Pro is safe to carry with its impressive dust and water resistance. Meanwhile, if you’re not looking for a phone to dive into the pool with confidence (just kidding – leave your phone alone on the lounge chair, please!), the phone also comes with powerful thermal imaging and night vision cameras, which allow you to capture your surroundings Fresh perspective like a pro.

Price: $499.99


Kyocera Rafre KYV40 – Washable Smartphone

Photo courtesy of Kyocera Rover

Sanitizing our belongings after going out in public has become our daily routine since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Our phones, in particular, deserve more attention because they are a study Offers The coronavirus can live up to 28 days on smooth surfaces, such as phone screens.

Sanitizing your phones is more complicated than you think, as there are many small holes and cracks. If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I could wash my phone under the tap with soap,” you’ll love the Rafre KYV40.

Kyocera Rafre, a Japanese smartphone company, heard our roar and put together A washable smartphone named Rafre KYV40. with IPX8 water resistanceLike its predecessor (2015 Digno Rafre), the Rafre KYV40 can withstand soapy water when cleaning, making it the best smartphone for those who have always wanted to effortlessly keep their phone clean.

Already checking where to buy the Rafre KYV40 for yourself? Unfortunately, this model is only available in Japan. If that’s not where you live, be sure to come up with a method that works for you whenever you need to disinfect your phones.

Price: $89.95

There you have a collection of the best alternative smartphones! While some of you might be excited to bring one home, you may have to pre-order and wait for companies to restock their phones before you can hold a phone in your hand. At the time of writing, Nothing Phone (1) is not available and Light Phone II is open for pre-order. While waiting for the restocking, check the official websites of the companies from time to time so that you can place your order as soon as the phones are available again.

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