12 Solutions to the Most Common Bluetooth Problems on Android

12 Solutions to the Most Common Bluetooth Problems on Android

The cause of the problem may be that your bluetooth on your Android phone or tablet is causing you problems, which is a real headache especially if we often use accessories that connect to our devices via this wireless connection.

When we have bluetooth that does not work or is unstable, it can become a real problem, because this system is used, for example, to connect a smart watch or a system Freedom To listen to music from the car or something like that headphonesAmong other things.

Some of the most common problems when it comes to Bluetooth failures are:

  • Impossibility of connecting to other devices.
  • It is impossible for the hands-free system to work in the car.
  • Car Wireless is compatible with Android Auto, but Bluetooth is unresponsive.
  • The phone is always disconnected.
  • When I used to play My voiceSeems choppy or loses signal from time to time.

If you encounter any of the issues we mentioned or you encounter other issues, you should continue reading, as we will show you solutions and tips to try to prevent it from happening again.

Obviously, we have to keep trying until we find one that brings Bluetooth back to its full potential.

Fix bluetooth problems

separate device

If Bluetooth cannot be connected to our smartphone or tablet, before we consider any other kind of solution, we must Check and rule out that the problem comes from the phoneAnd the

This is achieved in a very simple way, because all we have to do is Try to connect to another device wirelesslyAnd the

If it still does not work, then the problem comes from Bluetooth, but if, on the contrary, we were able to make the connection, then we already know that the problem comes from another device.

Bluetooth Apgar

The next solution we are going to show you may seem a little silly, but you can’t imagine how many times it is solved with a simple gesture.

What we will do is Turn off bluetooth and turn it back on after a few secondsThis means that sometimes the problem is solved almost magically.

To implement this option we simply open the notification panel by swiping down with our finger from the top of the screen, searching for the bluetooth icon, pressing to turn it off and after about a minute we see the same icon again we will touch this..

unpair device

Sometimes the problem is caused by a device pairing error, so if Disconnect and reconnectIt will probably work properly again, for example, in headphones.

To achieve this, we have to go into the formation of Bluetooth On the phone, be clear which device we want to unlink, tap on it and select forget thatAnd the

Once they cancel their husbands, we wait about a minute and We call them backAnd the

Searchable device

In the event that we are trying to connect one Android phone to another, we must make sure that the device we want to pair with To be visibleAnd the

We have to go to what to do Bluetooth settings Deactivate the option to own another device Recognizable or visibleAnd the

distance between devices

Another test among them that some users may find a bit strange, because they take it seriously, is The distance between two devices which we want to connect via bluetooth.

Keep in mind that the bluetooth connection has a limit about 9 to 10 pmSo if we know that it is outside this range, it is likely that the connection will not take place due to this condition.

It can also happen that we are connected via bluetooth to wireless headphones and are interrupted when we move around the house. In this case, we must bear in mind that if we move away from the main source and add walls that may be between them, so that the sound is not received correctly, it may be normal.

Just getting close will solve the problem.

Clear cache and storage

It would be a good solution Clear bluetooth cacheBecause it may delete some archived and possibly corrupt files, preventing the connection from working properly.

How to clear cache Modify to the phone and then RequestIf we see that the Bluetooth app is not visible, tap 3 points Select More at the top right of the screen View system appsAnd the

Now we will see how the application will appear BluetoothWhich we have to select and tap once inside Storage and cacheNext, we will click Clear cache then in clear storageAnd the

Choose update

We should always check if there is a recent update as there might be a problem with the particular phone software and with that we can resolve the aforementioned incident.

All we have to do is go to the device settings, tap System updates then choose Check for updatesIf you find any, we have to install them immediately.


This will end all apps and processes running in the background, which may solve the problem and restart everything properly.

If problems persist, this could be a good solution Restart the phoneAnd the

This will end all background apps and processes, which may fix the problem and restart everything properly.

problematic application

In some cases, it may happen that there are third-party applications that interfere with the connection Bluetooth This causes all the problems.

To solve this problem we must perform the following difficult task:

  • we open Modify We are going RequestAnd the
  • disable The first application, we restart the phone and check if the problem is solved or not. If the bluetooth is working, then the problem is with the app.
  • If the failure still persists, we will have to continue until we find the app that is causing the problem.

Reset bluetooth settings

we can try Reset phone bluetooth settingsKeep in mind that this action will erase all configurations we have assigned to this wireless system, restoring the default values.

What are we going to do Modify Go to the station then ManagementOnce inside we have to click Reset optionto enter again Reset Wi-Fi SettingsAnd the Mobile network and bluetoothAnd the

After that the only thing left is to click on it restore settingsAnd the

Scan malware and viruses

we can do it Try installing a virus or malware scanning app To make sure that all our problems are not caused by some kind of malware.

If they don’t find anything after scanning once, we can now choose the final solution we suggest.

Obviously, if you find any kind of virus or malware and manage to remove it, we must Restart the phone And check that Bluetooth is working again as before.

factory settings

Here comes the final and most radical solution of all. It’s us to take back phone to factoryWhich would lose all the information we had unless we did it already to supportAnd the

In order to get the phone back up and running when it comes to us for the first time, we have to go to Modify From the station, then Management then to Reset optionat that time we must touch Return to factory state (wipe all)And the

These are the main solutions that we can implement when the wireless system of our mobile phone is not working as it should.

You can let us know on our social networks which of these bluetooth fixing solutions is the one that helped you the most.

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