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10 Arguments Every iPhone User Shared

Apple just released the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, along with the new Apple Watch Ultra and other hardware updates. With the latest developments from the iPhone, the debate between the phone and Android shows no sign of slowing down. Controversy has been raging since the start of the smartphone revolution, so there are plenty of arguments every iPhone user has found themselves in at one point or another. These arguments are also some of the most common concerns people have before switching to the iPhone.

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Battery life is not good enough

Good battery life is one of the most important factors consumers consider before buying a new phone. Many people who are looking to buy an iPhone may be concerned about whether the device will have a good battery life. While previous models like the iPhone 5 only had 10 hours of video playback time, newer models have some of the best battery life on the market.

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The iPhone 14 Pro, for example, offers a video playback time of 29 hours. That’s more than a whole day of watching movies and Youtube. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for example, even with 5000 mAh, only provides about 18 hours of video playback.

Screens are very fragile

iPhone goes through an upgrade cycle every year With a new version. Having a broken screen is a huge inconvenience, as users do not want to shell out large amounts of money on a device that is fragile and easily broken. Unfortunately, as smartphones get smaller and thinner, iPhones have gained a reputation for cracking their screens easily (per USA TODAY).

However, the good news is that over the years, Apple has improved the durability of the display panel a lot, especially since the introduction of the ceramic shield with the iPhone 12.

There are not many options

One of the biggest advantages of choosing an Android device is the huge number of options on the market. People can find Android phones at every price point and with almost every set of features. Many consumers are not impressed with the fact that Apple only has a limited assortment of iPhones.

While it is true that Android as a platform has much more options, one of the advantages of choosing an iPhone is that within 3-4 options available at a time, most users find one that suits them perfectly. In addition to the added reliability of regular upgrades from Apple is another advantage.

Expensive iPhones

iPhones were arguably the most expensive phones even when they were first released in 2007, and this trend has continued to this day, although other companies also offer their flagship phones at a similar price. But Apple happens to be there One of the most loyal fan bases in technologywith hordes of people willing to pay for their favorite phone brand.

Apple has expanded its product lineup over the years to offer a great iPhone-owning experience at a lower price with iPhone SE and lower the price of the previous generation. Although the top-of-the-line flagship model will still burn a hole in your pocket, users can easily expect their iPhones to last more than 4 years.

You need to buy other Apple products with iPhone

Apple users hear all the time that if someone buys an iPhone, they also need other Apple products to enjoy it fully. While joining the Apple product family has many advantages due to the seamless integration of their devices, anyone can enjoy and use their iPhones to their full potential without investing in any other product from the company.

In fact, people can use any other third-party service on iPhone without any issues. For example, Google Drive instead of iCloud, Spotify instead of Apple Music, etc.

iPhones cannot run Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of the most important productivity tools that users need on a daily basis. While most of the work done on Microsoft Office is done on PCs or Macs, some people also need it on their mobile phones. Many people feel that Microsoft Office cannot run on an iPhone or that it will not have the full feature set.

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This is far from the truth. Microsoft offers its full range of services on iPhone ranging from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Powerpoint. The entire Office suite can be downloaded from the Appstore and even older models will support the entire feature set.

iPhones are not customizable

Android phones are known for their customizability, it is one of the starting pillars on which the operating system is built. One of the most common arguments iPhone users face is that iOS does not offer enough customization options to the user.

While previous versions of iOS did not allow many changes to the user interface and the phone in general. There has been a recent shift with newer versions that allow users to change a lot of things, for example, customize the home screen and lock screen through iOS 16, Being one of the new features in iPhone devices. While this aspect of the operating system is changing for the better, one thing to keep in mind is that Android offers much more customization options.

iPhones are not getting the latest features

Android phones are made by a lot of companies, which leads to different phone models having different features and companies are trying new features all the time. Apple has been known to adopt features at a much slower pace. This makes a lot of Android users feel that their iPhones are lagging behind.

While it’s true that Apple is adopting new features and technologies at a much slower pace, when they do adopt them, they usually kick them out of the park. Take, for example, reducing the size of the incision and making it Dynamic Island, which you use a lot of apps right now. When anything new is introduced to the iPhone, it’s a more refined version of what’s already on the market.

iPhones don’t have fast charging

Android phone manufacturers are competing with each other to come up with faster charging technologies and adapters as a selling point for their devices. While this is happening, Apple has only now started offering a 30W charging adapter for their iPhones.

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While this is not fast enough compared to other offerings in the market, Apple makes it happen by providing truly exceptional battery life on their phones. The iPhone 14 Pro Max, for example, can provide video playback for up to 29 hours.

iPhones Are Too Sensitive (And Accidentally Bend)

When the iPhone 6 was launched, there was a lot of controversy when users discovered that their phones bend even with relatively little force. This was most common when users kept their phones in their back pockets and accidentally sat on their devices. This was called “Bendgate”.

Since then, iPhones have earned a reputation for being sensitive devices. Fortunately, this changed over the following generations, as iPhones not only became structurally stronger, but their screens also received a major upgrade with a ceramic shield coating.

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