10 Apps for Android and iPhone to Help You Find the Hidden Camera

10 Apps for Android and iPhone to Help You Find the Hidden Camera

Police recently arrested two men for allegedly recording a couple’s private moments in a hotel room. According to the police, the accused’s modus operandi was to plant cameras in hotel rooms and later extort money by threatening to release the footage. The cameras were planted in such a way that the cleaners would not notice. In 2019, Maharashtra Police confiscated an LED lamp from a budget hotel in Mahabaleshwar after they were suspected of containing a hidden camera. The camera secretly filmed guests who stayed in the room. If you are staying in a hotel room, it is always a good idea to check hidden cameras and audio recording equipment before settling in. Here are 10 Android and iPhone apps that you can use to find hidden cameras.


Hidden Device Detector Camera (Android)

Available for Android users, the hidden camera app is easy to install and use. The app allows users to know which spy camera or microphone is in any location. A camera finder or spy detector uses a magnetic sensor to find the intensity of radiation emitted by electronic devices.

Hidden Camera Detector - Spy C


Hidden Camera Detector – Spy C

The app claims to protect users from any hidden cameras and microphone. Users just need to move the camera close to the suspect object and the app will detect the hidden camera. It also has a magnetometer that can detect any magnetic activity of the speakers and cameras. There is also a radiometer that can detect infrared cameras.

hidden camera detector android


hidden camera detector (android)

Only available on Android, the app can help users find any existing spy camera. It has a clean user interface and is easy to use. The app comes with a magnetometer that uses the magnetic sensor on your smartphone to detect any magnetic activities of the camera. The app also has an infrared camera detector that allows users to find infrared cameras.

Hidden Spy Camera Detector for Android and iOS


Hidden Spy Camera Detector (Android and iOS)

Available on both Android and iOS, the app is designed to help users discover a spy camera. The app has an all-in-one network scanner that can easily detect hidden cameras and GPS trackers. The app is free to download but comes with in-app purchases for the premium version.

hidden camera detector pro


hidden camera detector pro

Hidden Camera Detector is designed to protect users from any spy cameras or hidden cameras in their surroundings. The app can also find a hidden microphone. It also claims to be able to detect an infrared camera and offers users tips and tricks to stay protected.

No Hidden - Android Spy Camera Finder


No Hidden – Spy Camera Finder (Android)

This Android app claims to detect all kinds of secret cameras, hidden cameras and hidden devices. It promises to quickly locate and locate gifts in your hotel room. The app can also find an infrared camera and comes with advanced scanning modes.

Android hidden spy camera detector


hidden spy camera detector (Android)

This Android app claims to detect any hidden spy cameras and errors with the phone sensor, and the app can help to find any hidden cameras around. It can also locate an infrared camera.

Find Spy Cam Apple iOS Camera Detector


Camera Detector: Find Spy Cam (Apple iOS)

The application can search for suspicious devices in the current network. It also claims to be able to scan and discover any Bluetooth device available in the network. The apps also provide a step-by-step guide for stealth shooting.

Hidden Pinhole Camera Detector Apple iOS


Pinhole hidden camera detector (Apple iOS)

This camera app claims to detect any hidden camera/cameras with just one click. It comes with an anti-intrusion strategy that alerts users about suspicious places that are easy to infiltrate.

Apple iOS hidden camera device finder


Hidden Camera & Device Finder (Apple iOS)

Available on iOS, the app promises to detect suspicious devices within the current network. The application claims to easily and quickly find all the hidden cameras. It features a WiFi and Bluetooth scanner that helps detect any hidden camera.

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